Rabbi honors UK Muslim student leader


On March 27, 2017, UK’s Muslim News gave its annual Good Citizenship Award to Malia Bouattia, the first-ever Muslim president of Britain’s National Union of Students (NUS).

The citation said she had campaigned tirelessly for equal rights and the underprivileged as well as opposing the government’s prevent strategy. Malia Bouattia has taken on these tasks although she has herself been vilified in the (Zionist-controlled) media for taking up principled positions.

The Good Citizen Award is named after Bosnia-Herzegovina’s first president Alija Ali Izetbegovic who died in 2003.

Fifteen Muslim men and women were given various awards for their excellent contributions to British society in 2016.

The winners were selected by a panel of five headed by US-born UK’s Rabbi Janet Darley. She was chief rabbi at South London Liberal Synagogue until last year.

The guest of honor was Sajid Javid, the Israel-loving secretary of state for communities and local government. I wonder why Jewish lobby’s favorite London Mayor Sadiq Khan missed the presentation.

Malia was chased by Israeli propagandists and White Christian racists even before she was elect NUS president last year. Why? Because she supports Palestinian struggle against the Zionist entity and refuses to apologize for her religion for the actions of terrorists working for CIA, Mossad, and MI5.

Last week, the Jewish press accused Malia of not mentioning the “murder” a policeman as result of a car accident on Westminster Bridge which was a false flag operation conducted by MI5. Adrian Elm aka Khalid Masood, 52, was born to a White Christian mother and a Nigerian father. Elm had Gambian Rohey Hydara as live-in partner, and the union produced two kids like French Jewish president Francois Hollande. That’s is proof enough that the dude could be a Jew or Christian – but not a Muslim.

Last year, Zionist thugs chased MP Diane Julie Abbott, UK’s Labour Party shadow home secretary over sharing a platform with Malia Bouattia.


3 responses to “Rabbi honors UK Muslim student leader

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  2. Rohey Hydara is Muslimah – Gambia is 90% plus Muslim – having a live in partner is common amongst Muslims in the past under the Master-Concubine relationship and nowadays as boyfriend-girlfriend. Do you know what the term “ma malekat aymanakum” means? What does the word “nikah” in Arabic mean? Do you know that Rasul’Allah had a love child with his concubine/mistress Mariyah Al Qiptiyah and he never married her even after delivering the child?

    Do you know the Islamic definition of a bastard versus a Christian one?

    Christianity was extremely strict on sex while Islam was relatively liberal (but not to the extreme of faggot activity).

    Now tell me – why do you think Adrian Elms aka Khalid Masood is even guilty of doing anything in the first place? There is no evidence he stabbed anyone. No blood on his knife. Certainly there dummies to be found on Westminister. http://www.nodisinfo.com – has all the info you need.

    • I don’t understand what your Talmudic rant has to do with this posting?

      Rohey Hydara’s relationship was no different than French Jewish president Francois Hollande’s with his first live-in partner who produced four kids during their 20 year boy-girl friend relationship.

      Mariyah Al Qibtiyah was an Coptic lady gifted to the ruler of Islamic State of Medina by the King of Egypt. She married to the Prophet of Islam without converting to Islam while two Jewish noble widows converted to Islam in order to marry the Prophet.

      If you read Jewish Talmud, you will find out a good definition of a Bastard and Christians. It says the founder of Christianity was a Bastard and all Christians will burn in Hell Fire.

      Yes 90% Gambian are Muslims – but don’t be so jealous – there are plenty of Evangelical who believe they’re more closer to Judaism than Christianity.


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