India: Save cow, kill female babies

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s ruling BJP won recent state election in Uttar Pradesh (UP). BJP fought the election based on Hindu majority’s old hatred toward non-Hindu minorities especially Muslims. So party’s choice of Mahant Yogi Adityanath, 44, as new state chief minister did not surprise Indians who still believe in a secular India which in practice it had never been due to racism-based Hinduism – ask a member of 220 million Dalit (Untouchable Hindus). Dr. Rajshekar in his 1995 book, Dalit: The Black Untouchable of India, wrote: “Every hour – two Dalit are assaulted. Every day – three Dalit women are rapped, two Dalit murdered and two Dalit houses are burned.”

Late last week, Yogi Adityanath dropped his Hindutva dhoti by starting a financial war on state’s largest Muslim minority (32.2%). It closed down several slaughterhouses run by Muslims. India is world’s largest exporter of beef. UP state plays a majority role in this export. However, Muslims and Dalit are the main villains as far as the Hindutva mafia is concerned. Interestingly, non-practicing Hindus, Sikh and Christian minorities too consume beef.

Who is Yogi Adityanath? To put it mildly, he is incarnation of Bal Thackeray, the anti-Muslim late Shiv Sena Supremo. Some Indian writers have equated the Yogi with the US president Donald Trump. Yogi not only hate Muslims and Dalit but also women and gay people.

Yogi Adityanath is like a God to us,” said Kiran Rana, the mother of one of the 14 men arrested over the killing of 50-year-old Muslim Mohammad Akhlaq on suspicion of slaughtering a cow as Eid offering in 2015.

The way the BJP campaigned in Uttar Pradesh particularly at the last phase converting the entire campaign to Hindu Muslim binary, resulted in the massive mandate in favor of BJP. If the Delhi journos who have been ‘fascinated’ by the big ‘money’ of Hindutva party to talk about its ‘developmental’ agenda believe that the election was a stamp on Modi’s #notebandi or #demonetisation or #surgicalstrike have got the answer today that Vikas (development) for the Hindutva means war between Shamshan and Kabristan. Those who know Yogi’s past well do understand his uncontrolled fulminations against Muslims,” Vidya Bhushan Rawat, Indian human rights activist wrote on March 18, 2017.

Many Indian don’t know the past history of Hindutva – the so-called “Hindu Nationalist” parties such as Hindu Mahasabha and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh which boycotted the Quit India Movement (QIM) 74 years ago. The Hindutva camp not only opposed QIM but also provided multi-faceted and multi-dimensional support to the British rulers in suppressing this historic non-violent mass upsurge involving Hindus and Muslims followers of All India Congress Party and All India Muslim League (here).

Now, compare the fanatic Hindu concern for their so-called Holy Cow with the born-unborn female babies – one million of whom are aborted or killed every year. In 2012, United Nations designated India to be the most dangerous place in world to be born a girl.


2 responses to “India: Save cow, kill female babies

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  2. This rime, Hindu fanatics have beyond savagery. We should start a Boycot BJP led hindu fanatic India: just as we have done so in North Carolina, BDS& of course the very demise of SA white barbarism was eliminated through international pressure, shaming and world wide boycott , social rustication etc. Let us begin one now.

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