Penn University’s $200 million child-sex scandal

On Friday, a jury in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, convicted former president of Penn State University Dr. Graham Spanier 68, of child endangerment for his cover-up of a 2001 report which accused his fellow Jew assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky sexually molesting a boy in campus shower.

Two other Penn’s ex-officials Tim Curley (Jew), former athletic director and a lung cancer patient and Gary Schultz (Jew), one-time vice-president pleaded guilty to reduce charges on March 13, 2017. No date for their trail has been set as yet.

South-African born Spanier (as usual his parents were holocaust survivors) was nation’s highest paid (US$700,000 per year) public university president. In November 2011 his services were terminated with US$2.9 million compensation package. Spanier had held the position since 1995. Spanier’s wife Sarah is alo a professor at the Penn State University.

Spanier who grew-up in Chicago, told the Jew York Times in 2014 that his father Fred Spanier (died 1985), born into a wealthy German Jewish family, was a sociopath who used to beat all his kids. Graham also claimed he too was sexually abused. But as a typical Zionist Jew con-man he blamed his father’s cruelty on German Nazis – most of whom were Frankist Jews.

The beatings were serious enough that he needed to have multiple operations to correct the deformities caused by the beatings,” wrote Michael Sokolove on July 16, 2014. A usual narrative of Jew victimization.

It’s not Sandusky’s first adventure. He had a history of having sexual adventures with several boys. The university had to pay US$93 million to settle claims with the 33 victims. He was convicted on 45 counts of sexually abusing ten boys and is serving a 30-year sentence in a state prison.

Penn State’s costs related to the Sandusky scandal are approaching a quarter-billion dollars (Fox News, January 8, 2017).

Penn’s former graduate student Michael McQueary who exposed the Jewish pedophilia ring was chased by the Jewish media as a Jew-hater, received US$12.3 million in compensation for testifying to a grand jury about what he saw in the shower.

Sandusky adventures also resulted in the resignation of Joe Paterno (died 2012), coach of Penn football team for 45 years.

Read more at Campus Reports (here).

An average of two million American adolescents go through sex-abuse each year.


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