Jew hooligans at UK University book event

On March 20, 2017, the London School of Economics (LSE) held an event to launch Richard Falk’s recent book, Palestine’s Horizon: Towards a Just Peace. The author of the book was the keynote speaker while Christopher Doyle took part as discussant and professor Mary Kaldor (LSE) chaired the event.

Both Falk and Kaldor are Jewish.

The Middlesex University London and University of East London cancelled Richard Falk’s book launching event at the last minute under pressure from UK-based Israel advocacy group, Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA), registered as tax deductible organization.

Dr. Richard Falk, former UN Special Rapporteur for Palestine (2008-2014) was the co-author of the recent ESCWA Report calling Israel being an Apartheid State, which was shredded under pressure from the US and the Zionist regime.

Israeli-born British writer, author, speaker and jazz player Gilad Atzmon who attended the event, wrote about centuries-old Jewish arrogance which they refuse to shed after their persecution in the West for over 3000 years.

Jewish suffering has, in many ways, been a riddle to me. But yesterday, at the London School of Economics (LSE), I witnessed a spectacle of Jewish bad behavior, so incredible, that much that hitherto had been unclear, suddenly became all too clear. Yesterday, at a talk given by professor Richard Falk, it took Israel-advocate Jonathan Hoffman just sixty minutes of intensive hooliganism to cause him to be ejected from the hall. As Hoffman and his associate were thrown out of the building, the entire room expressed their feelings by shouting Out, out, out,” said Atzmon.

Hoffman wasn’t just a run-of-the-mill thug. Waving his Jewish nationalist symbols, he was acting openly as a Jewish-ethnic activist. Later I learned that he is associated with many Jewish and Zionist institutions: BOD, former president Zionist Federation and so on,” said Atzmon.

Behaving as he did with total disrespect to an academic institution, did Hoffman think that the LSE was some kind of yeshiva or perhaps just his local synagogue? I guess not. My guess is he just assumed that, like so many spaces in our country today, the LSE was simply ‘occupied’. It seems that merely the presence in a room of just one Zionist is enough to transform that room into occupied territory,” Atzmon added.

In December 2015, LSE removed an article from its website within 24 hours of its publication under pressure from country’s organized Jewry. The article, entitled, Delegitimizing through Dehumanization: Palestinian ‘human’ rights denied by Dr. Sandra Nasr, professor of political science at Catholic University of Notre Dame in Fremantle, Western Australia. In the article she claimed that Israeli Jews learn fascism from Bible.


2 responses to “Jew hooligans at UK University book event

  1. As Gilad said more than once, Jewish power is the power to prevent you from speaking about it

  2. Dr. Falk an Gilad Atzmon were correct not like Hoffman who follows Netanyahu and likes to steal from Palestinians and also kill them , including teenagers.
    George Kardouche.

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