Erdogan: European leaders are Nazis

On March 18, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan while addressing a ruling AKP rally, launched a scathing attack on European leaders, saying: If they were not ashamed, they would revive gas chambers for Muslims.

Frankly, I’m not surprised the Turkish crypto Zionist still believes in Nazi gas chambers.

Erdogan’s statement came after several Zionist-controlled European governments such as Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland and Bulgaria banned their Turkish citizens to hold political rallies over Turkish referendum to boost presidential powers approved by Turkish parliament last month.

Erdogan hit hard German government which has 1.5 million Muslim Turk citizens. “When we call them Nazis – the European leaders get uncomfortable. They rally together in solidarity, especially Merkel. She backed the Netherlands too. You too are practicing Nazi’s fascist policies. To Whom? To my Turkish brothers and sisters in Germany,” he said.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s swift response was, “such language is unacceptable“.

French foreign minister Jean-Marc Ayrault (a Zionist Christian) called Erdogan’s statements about Nazism and fascism unacceptable and called on Turkey to abide to the European Conventions on Human Rights. Does the Israel-First know his country’s human rights abuses against eight million French Muslims?

On March 20, Bulgarian president Rumen Radev announced that his government is taking steps to prevent any attempt by Turkey to influence an election next week in favor of pro-Turkey DOST party representing country’s largest Turk Muslim minority of one million.

Earlier this month, Netherlands government had deported Turkey’s two cabinet ministers; foreign minister Dr. Mevlut Cavusoglu , and family minister Dr. Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya.

Erdogan reminded Dutch government of its UN peacekeeping battalion’s active participation in Muslim genocide in Bosnia (watch report below), saying: “We know the Netherlands and the Dutch from the Srebrenica massacre. We know how rotten their character is from their massacre of 8,000 Bosnians there.”

It seems, Erdogan has finally realized that the Judeo-Christian White Club aka European Union has no intention to accept Muslim-majority Turkey as its member.


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