Pope apologizes for Church role in Rwandan Holocaust

On Monday, kosher Pope Francis and kosher Paul Kagame, president of Rwanda met in the Apostolic Palace. During the meeting, Francis acknowledged that the RC Church itself bore blame, as well as some Catholic priests and nuns who “succumbed to hatred and violence, betraying their own evangelical mission” by participating in the genocide.

Francis begged forgiveness for the “sins and the failings of the Church and its members” during Rwanda’s 1994 Holocaust which resulted in the death of more than 1.3 million Christians and Muslims belonging to Tutsi and Hutu tribes. The International Red Cross reported in 1946 that less than 300,000 Jews were killed by Nazis during WWII.

Paul Kagame who belongs to Tutsi tribe, has ruled Rwanda with iron fist since 2000. He is loved by the top Israeli propagandists such as Elie Wiesel, John Hagee, Sheldon Adelson, Michael Steinhardt, and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach of ‘Kosher sex’ fame. Beside killing his opponents, Kagame along with Netanyahu is involved in another Holocaust – Democratic Republic of Congo where more than six million people have died as result of ethnic and religious conflicts.

One wonders when Francis’ conscience would wake up to beg forgiveness for the genocide of Muslim minority in Central African Republic (CAR) at the hands of Christian majority. The Zionist regime is a major arms supplier to CAR army.

Congolese people especially 15 million Muslims have long been victims of Israeli diamond vultures, CIA and Mossad terrorism. Congo, despite large deposits of gold, diamond and uranium, is one the poorest nations in Africa.

In June 23, 2012, Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv reported that the Zionist regime sold tens of million of dollars arms to both sides during Rwanda civil war.

Even before the slaughter commenced in 1994, Israel was supplying weapons officially to the Hutu-led government, which used them to fight against rebel forces under Kagame’s command. Israeli arms suppliers continued covertly selling to the genocidal militias who murdered 800,000 Rwandan Tutsis,” reported the newspaper.

On April 7, 2004, Marc Lacey, national editor Jew York Times whined: “When 800,000 of their countrymen were killed in massacres that began 10 years ago this week, many Rwandans lost faith not only in their government but in their religion as well. Today, in what is still a predominantly Catholic country, Islam is the fastest growing religion.”

On September 3, 2015, Steve Bannon’s Breitbart News reported that a Rwandan Pastor Mikdad turned his church into a mosque by announcing that all 480 members of his congregation had converted to Islam.

Some analysts are concerned that if Kagame wins his third term on August 5, 2017, “Muslims (population 10-14%) would be caught up in the middle of a political power struggle and it would be difficult nigh impossible for them to maintain and live up to their peaceful role that they had played during the 1994 genocide (here).”


2 responses to “Pope apologizes for Church role in Rwandan Holocaust

  1. Rwandan prez is going to speak at AIPAC blissfully unaware it seems of israel’s role in the genocide of his people.

    • I’m sure Paul Kagame knows that because he too purchased arms from the Zionist entity. He had long been declared the ‘best African friend of Israel’ by Netanyahu. A few years ago, Kagame signed an agreement with Netanyahu to accept African refugees from Israel in return for military aid from the Zionist entity. Kagame is country’s president until 2034, according 2015 amended Constitution.

      According to Ha’aretz (March 17 2017), Kagame will represent Netanyahu at the AIPAC conference in Washington DC. Netanyahu chose Kagame to prove that he is not only the “King of the West but also Africa”.

      The other speakers would be anti-Muslim Stephen Harper, former prime minister of Canada, and anti-Iran US Vice-president Mike Pence to name a few.

      Ever wonder why Donald Trump declined the invitation to confirm United State being occupied by Israel?


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