Bulgaria: Turkey interferes with election!

On Friday, Bulgarian president Rumen Radev, former air force chief, and his interim prime minister professor Ognyan Gerdzhikov (appointed two months ago) announced that government is taking steps to prevent any attempt by Turkey to influence an election next week in favor of pro-Turkey DOST party representing country’s largest Turk Muslim minority of one million.

Turkey is our neighbor, friend and partner and we insist on developing good neighborly relations. But Turkey’s interference in our elections is a fact, and this interference is inadmissible,” Radev told public BNT television on Friday.

Sofia recalled its ambassador from Ankara and expelled two Turkish citizen accused of campaigning for DOST party.

Last week, Netherlands deported two of Turkey’s cabinet ministers as result of anti-Islam and pro-Israel opposition leader Geert Wilders’ campaign. Pity, Geert Wilders’ party lost the election.

Bulgarians like Khazarian Jews, are Asiatic Turks. Bulgaria was ruled by Ottoman Muslims from 1396 to 1908 – but never force them to convert to Islam.

During WWI, Bulgaria allied itself with Germany. In 1944, Red Army occupied Bulgaria and established Jewish-Communist ruling elites. In 1984, Bulgarian president Todor Zhivkov, a Crypto-Jew, forced Turkish minority to assimilate and take Slavic names. Many resisted and in 1989 some 300,000 flee the country.

In 1989 Bulgaria broke away from Soviet Union but pro-Jewish politicians still rule the country. For example, in February 2017, former Bulgarian president Rosen Plevneliev (2012-16), a frequent visitor to the Zionist entity, planted a tree on Jerusalem hilltop, a parcel of land stolen from native Palestinian Muslims, in memory of his 14-year-old son Filip, who died of heart attack in August 2015. In an interview he gave to Jerusalem Post (February 24, 2017) Plevneliev said: “I love Israel. I love Jewish people.”

Since 2001, Bulgarian armed and security personnel are trained in Israel and had held joint military excercises in both countries. Thanks to this co-operation, Israeli Mossad have been quite active to scare the hell out of Bulgarian Christian fools. On July 18, 2012, an attack on an Israeli tourist bus in Bulgaria took the lives of 5 Israeli nationals, a Bulgarian, and the mysterious suicide bomber. It is reported that the suspect, a young Caucasian, had a fake Michigan driver’s license.  According to Israeli Haaretz, a top Bulgarian official warned that it would be a “mistake” to blame a specific country or organization for the attack.   However, Israel ’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had other ideas – blame Israel’s arch-enemy – Lebanese Hizbullah.

Bulgaria sold Soviet-style arms to Israel, Saudi Arabia and UAE which have found their way into ISIS war against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

Bulgaria’s 50,000-strong Jewish community has unique history under Nazi occupation. Professor Michael Bar Oar (Emory University) has claimed in his 1998 book ‘Beyond Hitler’s Grasp’ that no Bulgarian Jew was sent to Nazi concentration camps. In 1999, Abraham Foxman visited Sophia and donated 30,000 copies of the book for distribution in Bulgaria.

During Ottoman era, Bulgaria was home to over 2,100 mosques of which two dozens remain now thanks to Judeo-Christian religious tolerance. Stephen Lewis, an American writer and photographer, who had visited Bulgaria several times, wrote and article, entitled Islam in Bulgaria in which he debunks several Judeo-Christian myth about Muslims.


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