Video: ’10 Things I Hate About Israel’

On March 17, Canada’s Israel Lobby (Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs) condemned Gavin Miles McInnes, Canadian writer, actor and comedian over insulting the Zionist entity in a video entitled, 10 Things I Hate About Israel, filmed during his recent visit to the Zionist entity (watch below).

The video became a hit among anti-organized Jewry American leaders such as David Duke who tweeted: Enjoy the ride, Gavin.

Some of McInnes’ dislikes of Israel included the food sucks, you can’t cross the street, bad service and Jews’ whiny paranoid fear of Nazis that’s making them scared of Christians and Trumps who are their greatest allies.

McInnes, a billionaire now, along with millionaire Suroosh Alvi, a Pakistani Canadian journalist and film-maker, and Shane Smith, a Canadian Jewish billionaire co-founded VICE magazine in 1994. McInnes left the partnership a few years ago.

McInnes is a regular contributor at Israeli Hasbara Rebel Media website and You Tube channel founded in 2015 by Calgary-born anti-Muslim Ezra Isaac Levant writer and media personality.

During a Rebel Media sponsored visit to Israel from March 4 to 11 and on subsequent videos posted to YouTube and Rebel, McInnes recorded a series of politically wrong remarks about the Zionist entity in which he sometimes affected an exaggerated Israeli or Jewish accent.

On March 18, Ezra Isaac Levant defended his buddy McInnes at The Rebel in an article, entitled, “For Jews Only: The Truth about Gavin McInnes, Israel and the Media“.

We went to Israel. And then Gavin McInnes made some off-color comments, as he does pretty much every day, but he went pretty far this time. The video wasn’t for the Rebel, but for another TV company he works for. But all this shook up some of our viewer who were antisemitic or racists. They’re saying we are anti-Semitic. These people are insane,” Levant clarified.

Interestingly, Canada’s other leading Jewish advocacy groups such as B’nai B’rith Canada and American Israeli lobbying groups didn’t condemned McInnes’ over anti-Israel rant in his video – listing a variety of Israelis’ irritations, from terrible driving to Jewish food and Ivrit, which he describes as spit talk.

Incidentally, McInnes is also accused of being friendly with Australian broadcaster, author and ‘Muslim apologist’ Waleed Aly whose wife Dr. Susan Carland is a Muslim convert.


One response to “Video: ’10 Things I Hate About Israel’

  1. Whaddaye know…. The Right has arrived…
    Left Jewish propaganda has been “criticizing” Israel for a long time, trying to build a reputation of (pardon me while I retch) fairness and objectivity.
    Now finally the Judaized Right has caught on to the shtick and decided to make it chic to “criticize” Israel. Why, you know, the food alone…..
    Touches my heart how Ezra Levant, his handler, defends him….

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