Bangladesh: Opposition leader blames India of Terrorism

On March 18, 2017, Amir Khashru Mahmud Chowdhury, leader of Bengladesh Nationalist Party (BNPaccused India of carrying out terrorist activities in order to force Dhaka to sign a long-term defense pact with New Delhi in order to bolster Indian militancy against its regional rivals, Pakistan and China.

His statement came just after the suicide attack at the barrack of Rapid Battalion Action police in Dhaka. The bomber was the only casualty reported.

Bangladesh media has claimed that ISIS took responsibility for suicide attack (watch video below). Since the ISIS terrorist organization like al-Qaeda is a creation of the US and Israel to destroy future Islamic resistance to the Zionist entity – it must be work of CIA-Mossad-RAW to demonize Bengali Islamic groups and empower country’s pro-India prime minister Husina Sheikh to sign the defense pact during her coming visit to New Delhi next month.

On June 6, 2016, Bangladesh Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan accused Israeli agents of carrying out the assassinations of country’s anti-Islam Hindu and other minority writers and bloggers. He claimed that he has the proof of Israel’s involvement in those murders blamed on religious Muslim groups.

In 1971, Israel played a major in the creation of Bangladesh by Indira Gandhi, Sheikh Majibur Rahman, father Husina Sheikh, and Zulifqar Ali Bhutto out of the former East Pakistan.

The witch-hunting of BNP leaders since the disputed 2014 election has created party’s loose alliance with Islamist Jama’at-e-Islami which resisted Hindutva war on Muslim-majority East Pakistan during 1970-71. A number of BNP top leaders are being prosecuted on corruption charges and for inciting violence. BNP Senior Vice-chairman Tarique Rahman, the political heir of Khaleda Zia, has been living in London. He is already facing several charges. Jamaat has been under pressure because of its United-Pakistan stand in the past, have led to execution of almost all its top leaders including its Amir Motiur Rahman Nizami.

Dr. Srinath Raghavan,  a senior research fellow at the India Institute at King’s College London, in his 1971 book War and Peace in Modern India revealed how Israel provided arms to India ahead of its invasion of East Pakistan. Raghavan’s assessment of Henry Kissinger, Jew War Criminal, and American strategy is devastating.

Even after living under pro-India-West “secularism” for over four decades, the Bangladeshis have not forgotten their Muslim brothers in occupied Palestine and Kashmir. For example, in 1980s, nearly 8,000 Bangladeshis youth volunteered to join PLO and fought against the Jewish tyranny in Palestine and Lebanon.


2 responses to “Bangladesh: Opposition leader blames India of Terrorism

    • Jonathan Azaziah is a good blogger. He feels the pain of Muslim Ummah which I appreciate. However, he never lived in Pakistan as I did – Jonathan Azaziah doesn’t know Pakistan had been an American colony since 1950 when its arch enemy Hindu India decided to sat on Soviet Union’s lap.

      Over one million Muslims died for their dream of Pakistan defined by Muhammad Asad (1900-92), Polish Muslim convert and one of the thinkers of the new nation: “To a Muslim who takes Islam seriously, every political endeavor must, in the last resort, drive its sanction from religion, just as religion can never remain aloof from politics: for the simple reason that Islam, being concerned not only with our spiritual development but with the manner of our physical, social and economic existence as well, is a ‘political’ creed in the deepest, morally most compelling sense of this term. In other words, the fight for Pakistan must be made predominant in all the appeals which Muslim leaders make to the Muslim masses. If this demand is neglected, our struggle cannot possibly fulfill its historic mission.”

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