UN lauds Iran’s refugee settlement program

On Wednesday,  Sivanka Dhanapala, Sri Lankan diplomat and head of the United Nations high commissioner for refugees in Tehran, lauded Iran for its exemplary refugee settlement program which has welcomed millions of Afghans displaced by decades of US and NATO backed war and occupation.

In a world where you have multiple bad stories about hosting refugees, I think Iran is really a good news story. It’s a story that’s not told often enough,” said Sivanka Dhanapala.

The leadership demonstrated by the Iranian government has been exemplary in hosting refugees and keeping borders open,” he added.

His remarks came on the same day a Hawaii federal judge blocked a second attempt by the pro-Israel anti-Muslim Trump administration (Steve Brannon, Ben Carson, Mike Pompeo, Gen.  Mattis, Gen. John Kelly, etc.) to ban Muslim refugees and travelers from entering the United States.

On February 3, 2017, John Spritzler debunked the anti-Muslim propaganda by the pro-Israel Zionist pigs.

A majority of Americans support Trump’s recent travel ban Muslims from seven Muslim majority countries because since 9/11 there has been an intense BI-PARTISAN effort to make Americans fear Muslims, using lies and manipulation. The Big Lie was that 9/11 was done by “19 Muslims” when in fact it was an inside job designed to make us fear Muslims. Even before 9/11 the US ruling class supported Israel’s violent ethnic cleansing of non-Jews (Palestinians, who are mainly Muslims) from more than 78% of Palestine. There is absolutely no moral justification for this ethnic cleansing whatsoever. Its purpose is to force the Palestinians to resist the ethnic cleansing so that they can then be falsely portrayed in the West as evil antisemitic and anti-American Muslim terrorists,” wrote John Spritzler.

We’ve also worked with the government on incorporating refugees into a government-sponsored health insurance scheme which is a ground-breaking development not just for Iran but globally for refugees,” Dhanapala said.

He also praised a 2015 directive from Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei which called on education administrators to allow all Afghan children, documented or not, to attend Iranian schools.

Islamic Republic has been a generous host for more than 3 million Afghan refugees as result of invasion and occupation of Red Army followed by US-NATO invasion and occupation. There are still over one million Afghan refugees being taken care by Iranian government and local charities. In addition to Afghan refugees, tens of thousands displaced people from wars in Iraq, Syria, and Bosnia took refuge in Iran. Tehran has refused to accept aid from the US and EU governments or NGOs for the refugees.

The office of the UNHCR was established by the UN General Assembly in 1950.

The UN has reported that 40,791 Afghans sought asylum in Europe in 2016, though most of those will likely be deported back to Afghanistan as the rising tide of Islamophobia pushes even the most liberal government towards increasingly xenophobic policies.

On Thursday, the organized Jewry mourned the defeat of pro-Israel anti-Muslim Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom in Netherlands elections. Last year, Wilders was investigated for his close ties with Netanyahu’s Likud party.

Europe’s anti-Muslim individuals, political parties and organizations have long realized that the best way to hide their racism is to support the Zionist entity.


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