Is Israel Jewish and democratic state?

On March 15, Israeli Knesset (parliament) passed another Hoax News. It voted 29:20 to ban Israeli Palestinian political parties from participating in future elections.

Israel’s unwritten Constitution was amended to read that no Israeli citizen can become a member of the Knesset (MK) unless he/she declare under oath that Israel is both “Jewish and democratic state“.

Even some fanatic pro-Israel Zionist Jews like Marianne Williamson, Uri Avnery, Gideon Levi and Shlomo Sand don’t agree with the hoax of Israel being a Jewish and democratic state. American Jewish writers Roger Tucker and Stephen Lendman also agree with them.

On Wednesday, United Nations released a report classifying Israel as an apartheid state just like South Africa.

In 1985, Israeli Mossad sucked the life out of US-Israeli Jewish citizen Jack Bernstein for proving that Israel is neither Jewish or democratic entity.

British writers and authors, Gilad Atzmon, Faisal Bodi, and Shermine Narwani also claim that Israel has no right to exist. So does American Christian writer John Kaminski.

On January 12, 2010, American Jewish writer and war veteran Roger Tucker called Israel a fascist Jewish state.

On September 3, 2010, Israeli journalist Jossi Sarid in his column at Ha’aretz said that Israel is not a democracy but fascism.

Israel is a land built on myths. It is, of course, not unique in this. Indeed, in this way Israel is very much like its patron, the United States. In order to build and maintain a mythical status a nation must create a picture of itself from its very inception and pass that picture down generation upon generation. For the US it is the idea that the nation is a beacon of both democracy and capitalism unto the world and what it does in terms of foreign policy, and even when at war, is always done altruistically. For Israel, the myth is that the nation is democratic and the last bastion of safety for the world’s Jews. Everything it does, even when that amounts to imperial expansion, is done defensively,” Professor Lawrence Davidson (West Chester University), August, 1, 2010.

Late Father Dr. Michael Prior’s 2004 book, Speaking the Truth: Zionism, Israel, and Occupation is worth reading to understand the absurdity of Israel being a Jewish and democratic entity.

Every time a Gazan father faints as he watches his family home demolished; every time a Jew, Muslim or Christian is violently attacked by armed Israelis because they’re non-violently protesting the separation wall; every time a rain of Israeli army bullets flies into the body of a Palestinian child on her way to school; every time a young Palestinian man is made to play violin by Israeli soldiers, or a pregnant Palestinian woman dies at a checkpoint, Jews like us must speak out,” Cecilie Surasky (here).


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  1. Hmmm, good question. Similar to “Are the wolves herbivores?”

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