Israel threat mass killing of Lebanese civilians

On March 13, Netanyahu’s cabinet minister Naftali Bennett threatened Lebanese population by claiming that if country’s Islamic Resistance Hizbullah started a war with the Zionist entity – they would be the major target of the Jewish army.

The Zionist regime’s threats against a Muslim guerilla organization is laughable considering the latter had already humiliated the world’s most pampered  and nuclear Jewish army twice – in 2000 and 2006.

Israeli army is so pathetically coward that in order to stop Hizbullah attacking them – it sent a similar threat via Jew York Times’ Jerusalem-based correspondent Isabel Kershner published on March 12, 2017. The message warned Lebanese citizen that they would be the major target of Israeli air force bombing as result of targeting Hizbullah fighters positioned in populated areas of southern Lebanon.

It’s Israeli paranoia at work. Hizbullah is not shooting Jew settlers in occupied Shebaa Farms or the Golan Heights, but trying to defend their homeland from Israel’s military incursions.

Such threats are not new to Lebanese people who have experience Jewish army’s expertise in killing civilians instead of Hizbullah fighters since 1980s. For example during 34-day war in 2006, Israeli army killed over 1,200 civilians and only 47 Hizbullah fighters while making 750,000 Lebanese people. Israeli army lost 147 soldiers, and three civilian Jews (two of them of heart attack due to Hizbullah shelling) in addition to 28 tanks, two F15s, and three navy ships damaged. Over half a million Israeli Jews took refuge in cities far away from Lebanese border.

The Zionist regime was really pissed off by Lebanon’s president Gen. Michael Aoun’s interview during his visit to Cairo last month on the invitation from Egyptian president Gen. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, a Crypto Jew. In an interview he gave to an Egyptian TV channel, Aoun said that “as long as the Zionist entity is occupying Lebanese lands and Lebanese army is not strong enough to stand up to it, we feel the need Hizbullah resistance as a complement to Lebanese army to defend Lebanon from Israeli aggression.”

Hizbullah has been praised by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei calling it pride of Islamic World. Other world leaders who have praised the organization include Hugo Chavez, Putin, Bashar al-Assad, Venezuelan president Maduro and Vice-president Tareck el-Aissami, Tunisian president Beji Caid Essebsi, etc.

Even after decades of demonization of Hizbullah by the organized Jewry and Zionist-controlled Western press only one of the UNSC permanent member United States has classified Hizbullah as a terrorist organization. The other four veto powers, Russia, China, France and Britain have refrained from such decision.

Several groups in Israel and a great majority of Israeli-Arabs don’t consider Hizbullah as a terrorist organization. Even the Zionist-controlled European Union has only classified Hizbullah’s armed-wing as a terrorist organization.

On February 11, 2017, VOA idiot Mehdi Jedinia claimed that “Hizbullah follows a Shi’ite ideology that calls for the destruction of Israel.” Lol! The Shi’ite ideology was established in the 680s while Mehdi’s shitty little country was created in 1948 by the US, UK, USSR and Adolf Hitler.


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