India: Muslim teen idol and Hindutva

On March 14, Nahid Afrin, 16-year-old Muslim playback singer from a northeast Indian state of Assam became the target of Hindutva Fake News. The state is ruled by pro-Israel prime minister Narendra Modi’s anti-Muslim BJP party.

Assam Hindu media reported that a fatwa signed by 40 Muslim clerics called upon her not to participate in a musical even to be held on March 25 – claiming singing in public is forbidden in Islamic Shari’ah. Afrin, in a statement, rejected the call saying singing in public is forbidden only if it spread immorality. Personally, I agree with her.

However, when I read that Assam state anti-Muslim chief minister Sarbanand Sonowal , Bengali anti-Islam Zionist whore Taslima Nasreen (she is banned to enter Bangladesh since 1998), Hindu actor Paresh Rawal and Hindu author Shobhaa De have thrown their support behind Nahid Afrin – I said to myself – the fatwa smells fishy.

I was not wrong – the so-called fatwa was Hindutva false flag.

No fatwa or Islamic edict was issued by any organisation or group of individuals against Afrin. Yes, her name was not mentioned anywhere in the leaflets. What’s more, the alleged fatwa was actually a leaflet issued by 46 people, requesting the public not to engage in activities prohibited by Shari’ah,”reported M. Reyaz at Daily O on March 16, 2017.

Pity, Islam is not yet ‘liberated’ like Hinduism when it comes to abuse of women physically and mentally. For example, the Hindu Devadasi system in which young Hindu girls are donated to temples where they dance half-naked to the sexual amusement of Hindu gods and priests. The practice goes back to 6th century but was abolished by Muslim rulers but later revived by the British colonialists. The ruling Brahmin minority have never forgiven Muslims for rescuing Hindu women from ‘Holy prostitution’ to this day.

Nahid Afrin was born to an Assamese Muslim couple, Anower Ansari and Fatima Ansari. She is a classical soul singer. She won second national young singer award in 2015. She is playback singer lending her voice for Sonakshi Sinha’s latest movie Akira.


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