Jordan: Ahmed Daqamseh gets a ‘hero treatment’

Relatives of Ahmed Daqamseh, a Jordanian soldier who was sentenced to life imprisonment for shooting dead seven Stock Photo

On Sunday, former Jordanian border security guard Ahmed Daqamseh, 45, walked free after serving 20 years in an Amman jail. On March 13, 1997 a Jordanian military court sentenced him to life in prison for shooting seven Israeli Jew schoolgirls to death who were on a field trip to the Jordan River Peace Park under Jordanian sovereignty but was opened to Israelis after Jordan-Israel peace treaty in 1994.

During the 1997 trial, Ahmed Daqamseh, didn’t show any remorse but insisted that he killed those Israelis because they mocked him while he was praying.

Former King Hussein of Black September 1970 fame (an Israeli plot to get PLO expelled from Jordan), visited Israel after the shooting to express his condolences to the girls’ parents.

Jordanian lawmaker Mohammad Riyati (Aqaba) wrote on his Facebook page that he visited Daqamseh to congratulate him on his freedom after serving the 20-year prison sentence, describing him as a Muslim and Arab nations’ icon.

The festivities of Jordanians celebrating Daqamseh’s release contained a message condemning the peace agreement with Israel and stating that all Israeli plans to normalise relations with Arabs had failed,” said Fakher Daas, a student activist. 

According to Jewish media, Dagamseh talked to Al-Jazeera (Arabic) reporter right after his release and said (translated by Israeli MEMRI): “The Israelis are the human waste of people on whom the rest of the world has vomited up at our feet. We must eliminate them by fire or by burial. If this is not done by our hands, the task will fall on the future generations to do. Do not believe the lie that is normalization with the Zionist entity. Do not believe the lie that is the two-state solution. Palestine is one land from the river to the sea, there is no state called Israel.”

Compare Al-Jazeera’s English version with the above MEMRI translation, and figure it out who’re the evildoers behind fake news.

In May 2014, an Israeli soldier pumped four bullets into a West Bank-born Jordanian judge Raed Zeiter, 38, (see his family photo above) at the Allenby Bridge crossing while travelling in a bus. He was father of two kids and was on his way to visit his 70-year-old father in the occupied West Bank. Even after Jordanian foreign ministry’s compliant, the Israeli soldier was never prosecuted.

Jordan is creation of the European Axis of Evil (UK-France-Zionists) along with Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Palestine, Kuwait, and Lebanon out of the Ottoman Arabia.


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