Russia goes after Canada!

Everyday world hears organized Jewry crying-babies complaining Russian president Vladimir Putin’s agenda to destroy American ‘Liberal democracy’ (read controlled by 1% of fat-cats), and establishing an anti-NWO alliance (Russia-China-Iran). Putin is being accused of interfering in US election 2016, putting his moles in Trump administration, and helping Israel-Saudi regional enemies such as Iran, Syria, Iraq and Hizbullah.

We, Canadians, have our own whining Zionist pigs. Recently, Canada’s foreign minister Chrystia Freeland, an Israel-First Zionist Jew, accused Putin for character assassination by leaking-out fake information about her maternal grandfather being a Nazi collaborator.

Polish intelligence has revealed that Freeland’s maternal grandfather Michael (Mikhailo) Chomiak collaborated with Nazis between 1938-1944.

I ignored the antisemite news in the beginning considering over 150,000 German Jews, and Jewish terrorist organizations such as Hagana, Irgun and Stern Gang were all Nazi collaborators.

However, after reading Montreal-born Washington-based Jewish attorney Scott Gilmore’s hasbara piece, entitled, Russia’s coming attack on Canada in defense of his Jew-sister Freeland at anti-Muslim Maclean magazine – I thought it needs some objective response.

After demonizing Putin over his support for Syria, Iran, China and Donesk separatists, Gilmore said: “Like elsewhere, Russia has three objectives as it goes after Canada. The first is to undermine any policies or politicians seen to be against Moscow’s interests. For example, the Russian Embassy has already been trying to discredit Canada’s Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, an outspoken advocate for continued sanctions, with a smear job about her grandparents. Russia also wants to discredit the broader political system, to undermine Canadians’ faith in “the system”, be it our own election process, our system of government, or parliamentary affairs. Finally, it wants to undermine Canada’s support for our allies, and for the international system including NATO and the United Nations.”

Canada in fact, like Israel has been isolated within the international community for country’s blind support for the US and Israel. Canadian columnist Heather Mallick at the Toronto Star is on record saying that Canada under pro-Israel Stephen Harper government had become a rogue state.

Canada, like the US and UK is totally controlled by the organized Jewry when it comes to religious tolerance and free speech. For example, last year, the BC Supreme Court justice Catharine Bruce said that Canadian internal security agencies manufacture Muslim terrorism.

To achieve these goals, Moscow will likely rely on the same methods it has used relatively successfully in the United States and elsewhere. It will spread disinformation – false stories that create confusion around a controversial and heated issue,” claimed Gilmore.

I’m sure the gonzo Jew knows that most of the people who spread fake news about Muslims and Putin are members of his tribe. For example, on February 21, 2017, JTA reported that it’s Ami Horowitz, a Jewish-American filmmaker who lied about Sweden’s problem with Muslim immigrants on Fox News, which was later repeated by Donald Trump in a speech in Florida to support his ban on Muslims from seven Muslim countries.

On March 1, 2017, Donald accused Jews of faking anti-Jewish events.

Gilmore accused Putin funding French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen who happens to have a Jewish sleeping partner and five of her political advisers are Jewish. Gilmore also claimed that Putin may have provided funds to Jerusalem-based Breitbart News whose former CEO Steve Bannon is Trump’s top strategic adviser.

Canada’s relations with Moscow like Tehran hit bottom under Harper government over who controls the North Pole. Justin Trudeau’ first foreign minister Stéphane Dion was in favor of re-establishing good relations with both Russia and Iran. However, his replacement by Freeland, who is banned to enter Russia, indicates that Justin Trudeau has decided to work in Trump’s shadow.


One response to “Russia goes after Canada!

  1. So…. Polish intelligence revealed…. and Putin leaked it. OK but…
    Is that the whole story? It seems incomplete to me.
    I am waiting to hear about Iran’s involvement in this. And about the use of Hezbollah operatives….

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