Dershowitz: Ellison’s defeat is good for Israel

Last month, Afro-American Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison lost his bid to chair Democratic National Committee (DNC) by a narrow margin to organized Jewry’s candidate Tom Perez who was also supported by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Ellison ended up as ‘deputy’ to Tom Perez.

The notorious American Jewish lawyer Alan Morton Dershowitz who had threatened to resign from Democratic party if Emerson won the chair – wrote at Algemeiner news website on February 27, 2017 that Ellison met the defeat not as result of Jewish lobby campaign but his actions such as his association with the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, his voting against American taxpayers’ paying US$950 million toward Israel’s Iron Dumb Dome, and his blessing of US-Iran nuclear deal in September 2015.

Former Ohio Senator professor Nin Turner in an interview claimed that Ellison lost as result of Jewish donors’ blackmailing the Democratic party (watch the interview below).

I for one am tired of the perpetual whining of Alan Dershowitz and international professional Jews like Bernard-Henri Levy, who is frequently in the US doing richly rewarded speaking tours on the so-called “Synagogue circuit.” And someone should wake UN ambassador Nikki Haley up to the fact that her job is to take care of the American people, not Israel. Quite frankly, if these folks are so much in love with Israel they should go live there and leave the rest of us as well as the US Treasury alone,” Philip Giraldi wrote on March 11, 2017.

America’s rotten political system was well-explained by famous American Muslim activist Malcolm X in a 1963 interview at Columbia University. He described the Democratic Party (John F. Kennedy) as a pack of foxes and the Republican Party (Barry Goldwater) as a pack of wolves. When the wolf shows its teeth, the target can easily conclude malicious intent. But when the fox shows its teeth, it appears to smile. Despite their stark aesthetic differences, the wolf and the fox are both canines and swallow their prey all the same.

I only feel pity for Ellison for not learning that as long as he has a Muslim tag, no matter how much he lick Jewish Lobby’s AZZ – his loyalty to Israel would always remain doubted. In 2009 Ellison abstained from voting for or against America’s support for the Israeli invasion of Gaza. He has criticized both Hamas and Hizbullah for taking armed resistance against the Zionist regime. In 2013, Ellison supported Israel’s proxy war against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. Ellison has stated on numerous occasions that Israel has the right to exist in Palestine.


One response to “Dershowitz: Ellison’s defeat is good for Israel

  1. He lost “even though he had Sen. Schumer’s support”…says Nina.
    Oh, Nina, Nina, don’t you know the how the jewish game of foxes and wolves that Rehmat mentions unfolds for befuddling the Goyim?
    Schumer’s “support” (words, words, words but no action) is the pantomime of Jewish “diversity of opinion.” He winks at Dirtshowitz while “supporting” whom they want to sink.

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