Macedonia blames Albania and Kosova for political crisis

President Gjorge Ivanov is blocking the US-EU favorite opposition leader Zoran Zaev to form a new government in Macedonia to replace pro-Putin prime minister Nikola Gruevski’s government which is supported by Muslim political party Democratic Union for Integration, DUI – controlled by Muslims with Albanian ancestry.

The White Christian racist in the ruling party and the opposition are accusing Albania (70 Muslims) and Kosova (90% Muslims) of stirring the political crisis in the country.

Both Tirana and Pristina have rejected the accusations saying that troubles in Macedonia is a local power struggle over who will form the next government. However, both countries are naturally concerned about the Albanian citizens forming 35% of Macedonian population.

The Christian majority of the country has been exploited by the US, EU and Russia since its break-up from humpty-dumpty Yugoslavia in the 1990s. The recent Muslim refugees from war-torn Middle East and Africa have given another excuse for the pro-Israel Western White groups to cry wolf.

The Albanian community is treated by Macedonian government and church like second-class citizens (here). The so-called Skopje 2014 Project is ended up a false Propaganda Project. Meanwhile the government of Macedonia is spending millions of Euros to raise false historical realities, everything that belongs to the real historical sites of Albanians is succumbed into forgiveness and ruined. It is very tragic: Macedonian lies are revitalized, while Albanian truths are dying.

In 2015, a Christian mob attacked and destroyed the only mosque in Fyro Macedonia (watch video below).

Skopje, the capital city was under Muslim Ottoman rule for five centuries. It was called Üsküb. Some of the Ottoman era mosques, madrasas, bath houses, tea gardens, and nargile cafes enrich Macedonia’s tourist industry (here).


6 responses to “Macedonia blames Albania and Kosova for political crisis

  1. “recent Muslim refugees from war-torn Middle East and Africa have given another excuse for the pro-Israel Western White groups to cry wolf”

    It’s a bit more complicate and nuanced than this:
    1. Both Macedonians and Albanians are white so let’s drop this meme.
    2. The deluge of refugees from Africa and the ME are not an “excuse” but a real and valid concern. No wolves involved.
    3. Those opposing the entry of African and Middle Eastern immigrants (not all refugees from war-torn countries) who leave a path of destruction in their wake– even if just on their way to Germany– are not all “pro-Western.”

    • 1.Some bitter facts about being White and being European …. People in Pakistan’s Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan states are whiter than any European dude but they’re not part of Europe.

      2. What valid concern? The non-White people were brought to Europe by the western colonial bastards in the first place as cheap labor and their expertise in agriculture. Now the lazy White bums consider low-paid immigrants and refugees as threat to White-majority Europe.

      3. Do you want me to believe that the anti-immigration especially Muslims nationals such as Geert Wilders’ party, French National Front, English Defense League, Germany’s AfD party, Pegida, etc. are not pro-Israel but pro-Iran?

  2. #1. You set up the dichotomy as white vs non-white and now you shift to “being European”….
    2. What non-whites were brought to Europe for their “expertise in agriculture”????????? The Turks who came to Germany as “guest workers” came there LEGALLY and kebab shops are not exactly agriculture.
    3. Don’t set up straw men. I never implied any such thing. No pro-Israel faction has any credibility to speak for the concerns of the white middle class in Europe. What has been unleashed on Europe by the likes of Barbara Specter is no “immigration” but massive illegal invasion.

  3. — I am not a “dude.” Slang may be cute when not misapplied. I wouldn’t call you “gal.”…..
    — I don’t know what Steven King says nor am I curious.

    — ” the great contribution of non-White immigrants to European and North American scientific, industrial and economic achievements”….
    Another straw man. Is any reasonably informed and educated person contesting that? No. Again you pretend to not get the difference between LEGAL IMMIGRANTS and the deluge of migrants from Africa and the ME that washes over Europe.

  4. Content of the video blocked on “copyright grounds.” I wish they did that with all Jewish propaganda.
    I looked him up ad he is a rabid zionist. Since they claim to be a race apart his opinion on “whites” should be reserved for chats among his own.

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