Purim – Remembering Iranian Holocaust

On Saturday evening, 13 million Jews around the world will celebrate their holiest holiday Purim in honor of Persian Queen Esther (born Hadassah, died 450 BC) for saving nearly 5,000 Persian Jews by letting Zionist terrorists among them murder 75,800 non-Jewish Persians.

Different Jewish leaders have different interpretation of Talmudic story of Purim. For example, during his address to US lawmakers in 2015, Netanyahu praised Queen Esther as a courageous Jewish woman who exposed the plot. Even though, according to Israeli historian Dr. Shlomo Sand, “Jews were invented in 18th century“.

During the 8-year presidency of Ahmadinejad it was customary for extremist Jews to pray for the death of president Ahmadinejad and destruction of Iranian people including 30,000 Iranian Jews and wiping-off tomb of Queen Esther and Mordechai (Persian: بقعه استر و مردخای‎‎) located in Hamadan, Iran.

Jewish Meaningful Life Center interpreted Talmud Shabbos 88a and Esther 9:27 claiming that Persian (Iran) and Babylonian (Iraq) people are still enemies of Jewish people even after 2373 years – and must be destroyed by the United States which was “founded on the universal principles of justice and virtue.” It also suggest that war on Muslims must continue until they’re tamed like Christians.

Abigail Pogrebin, American writer, author and talk-show host, in an article published at JTA (February 24, 2017) claimed: “Esther was married to King Ahaseurus essentially against her will. He chose her out of a bevy of prospective wives at a banquet after banishing his then-wife, Vashti, who refused to display her beauty for his guests. (Some say she refused to dance naked.),” said Ms Pogrebin. I guess as a Jewish upbringing, Esther didn’t see any problem dancing naked to win the contest.

In the city of Shushan, the king’s adviser, Haman, was declared “Jew-hater” by the Jewish leaders for suggesting that Jews posed a great threat to Persia (same reason the Jewish communities were expelled from Christian Europe 108 times). To punish Haman, country’s Jewish leader Mordechai, a secret cousin of the gorgeous Queen, advised Esther to use her gorgeous body to turn the King against Haman, and get a royal consent for the death of Haman, which she did.

The king kills Haman and his sons, and then, because the proclamation could not officially be canceled according to Persian law, the Jews can only defend themselves with a preemptive strike. Some say they took self-defense too far, slaughtering 75,000,” Pogrebin said.

On March 8, Israeli news editor Rachel Avraham linked Purim story to Nuremberg Trials at the Jerusalem Online.

Nobody except for Mordechai knows that Queen Esther is Jewish until the end of the story. Even King Ahasuerus is left in the dark. And when the name of 4 of Haman’s 10 sons who are hanged is written in Hebrew, they are written in small Hebrew letters. In the Jewish tradition, it is taught that whenever a holy book utilizes small Hebrew letters, it means something. If these letters symbolize a year, they state 5707, the year on the Jewish calendar when 10 Nazi war criminals were hanged following the Nuremberg Trials,” claimed Rachel.

Rachel also claimed that the Book of Esther doesn’t name G-d even once – but since Mordechai knew the plot and saved King Ahasuerus’ life – G-d must have spoken to Mordechai. That makes some sense how else Netanyahu would had described 9/11 plot in his 1987 book, Terrorism: How the West can win.


2 responses to “Purim – Remembering Iranian Holocaust

  1. Lol Satanyahu literally wrote THE handbook of terrorism

  2. There was no “Queen Esther” who married a Persian King HIDING FROM HIM AND HIS ENTIRE NATION that she was Jewish! Only to reveal her staunch Jewish faith when she decided to have the KING OF PERSIA TO GENOCIDE HIS OWN PEOPLE! This is the usual Jewish-Israel crap just like the notorious INFANTICIDE PASSOVER or the 6 million Jewish Gas Chambers Holocaust!

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