Jew-Hindu singer sings Islamic song for children

Ben Lee, 39, an Australia-born American Jew-Hindu singer has released an album with songs praising Islam for children (listen below).

I wanted to put a record that describes the common ground we have, not the differences,” says Ben Lee.

Ben Lee claims that the anti-Muslim hatred in the US prompted him to put out the Islam-themed album.

All proceeds will go to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) – founded in 1917 to serve Jewish and communist interests.

I must admit – this must be a miracle comes out of Donald Trump’s Muslim ban, considering Zionist Jews and extremist Hindus along with their Evangelic Christian brothers spend tens of millions of dollars each year to propagate Islamophobia around the world for Israel’s benefit (here, herehere, here).

Raised Jewish in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, he moved to New York when he was 18 and studied with a chi kung master, Nan Lu, at the American Taoist Healing Center. From there he was introduced to Hinduism and his guru, Sakthi Narayani Amma. He is married to British-American Jewish actress Ione Skye (born to model Enid Karl) in a Hindu ceremony. They have two children.

Ben Lee believes that Holy Qur’an teaches of peaceful co-existence but like the Jewish Bible has harsh punishments for the evil-doers. But the message has been distorted by interested groups, both Muslims and non-Muslims for political reasons.

Any contribution that our generation makes will be through the education of our children. I would hope that if I make music that parents want to play in the car – if we can begin these ideas in the home – and look intelligently, not fundamentally, we begin to hear the authentic and true parts of Islam,” says Ben Lee.

Despite the Judeo-Christian War on Islam during the past 1,400 years – the followers of Islam have increased from 124,000 to 1.9 billion via peaceful conversions. In fact the Christian and Hindu lands (Spain, India, Sicily, Greece, Malta, Serbia, etc.) which Muslims ruled for centuries – Muslim remained in minority.

Indonesia is world’s largest Muslim Majority (215 million) nation never saw a foreign Muslim army invading any of its 13,000 islands.

Some of the famous Muslim converts still alive are; Dr. Murad Hofmann, German diplomat, former NATO’s director of information and author of over a dozen books, Jemima Khan, daughter of Britain’s Jewish billionaire Lord Goldsmith and currently associate editor of UK’s newspaper New Statesman, and Bollywood’s top music director and composer A.R. Rahman to name a few.

Ben Lee’s other songs are available here.


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