Trump’s Putin charm is meant to isolate Iran

On January 19, 2017, Jeb Bush, former Florida Governor – and Dennis Ross (Zionist Jew), a senior fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), Israel lobbying group, penned an Op-Ed at the Jewish TIME magazine – advising president Donald Trump to isolate Iran immediately.

Both dudes are advisory board members at the United Against Nuclear Iran which was founded by Richard C. Holbrooke and Dennis Ross in 2008. It’s chairman is former Jew Senator Joe Lieberman.

Some readers may not know there is another anti-Iran think tank known as United 4 Iran, which is partially funded by the US government to prepare some excuse to invade Iran and install a pro-USrael regime in Tehran.

I wrote in the past that Trump is surrounded by Muslim-hating Zionist Jews and Christians who would not like to shake hand with Putin as long as Putin support anti-Israel regimes in Damascus and Tehran. Trump and French Marine Le Pen’s admiration for Trump is a trap for Russia to lose tens of billion dollars of Iranian contracts.

Marc Charles Ginsberg (Zionist Jew), Washington’s former ambassador to Morocco in a opinion post at the Huffington Post said: “Since his inauguration, the President’s nascent team of national security staffers have been surgically laying the groundwork for a new Iran policy approach that, if successful, would cut off Iran from its principal global benefactor – Russia.”

Ginsberg known for his hatred toward Russia, however, doesn’t want a military conflict with Iran to bring a pro-US regime change in Tehran. He still hopes that further sanctions against Iran would do the dirty job.

One thing is for certain. A war with Iran is not in our national interest. What is in our interest is to prevent Iran from leveraging its loosened sanctions shackles to thwart an end to the Syrian civil war and to inflate the threat that its puppet terrorist organizations, such as Hizbullah, pose to our allies (read Israel as no Arab country has attacked Lebanon) in the region.”

Dennis Ross along with his Jew brother David Makovsky at WINEP gave another free advice to Donald Trump on the occupied Palestine. “You wouldn’t be able to negotiate a two-state solution, they say; the two parties have a dysfunctional relationship. But Israel needs to do something soon, or it will lose legitimacy internationally.”

On March 9, 2017, Anshel Pfeffer claimed at Israel’s newspaper Ha’aretz: “Analysts feel the military ties Moscow has forced with Iran during the fighting in Syria are too important to give up, while others say Putin may be persuaded (by Israeli leaders) to curb these ties for the sake of keeping Israel happy, too.”

I wonder if the British Zionist dog Pfeffer, knew that Putin sent his forces to defend Syria, the only surviving Arab ally only 18-months ago while Iran and Hizbullah had been supporting Assad from the day-one of the 6-year-old Syrian bloodshed. Furthermore, Putin is more interested to benefit from Iran’s annual US$410 billion gold pot rather than the Islamists rulers in Tehran.

On March 9, 2017, Eric Draitser on his blog Stop Imperialism also said: Trump’s Russia Charm Offensive Is Meant To Isolate Iran, China.


4 responses to “Trump’s Putin charm is meant to isolate Iran

  1. The thing that drives Israel & its cohorts insane is not “the Islamic rulers” (democratically elected) in Iran. It’s the fact that Iran is an independent, sovereign, non Israel/Rothschild bankster yielding nation. Israel has no problem with Islamists like Saudi , ISIS, Turkey etc. It’s the fiercely independent non-zionist compliant nations it fears.

    • Saudi Arabia , ISIS, or Turkey are not “Islamists”. Saudi Arabia is named after an Iraq Jewish clan. ISIS is a US-Israel creation – and modern Turkey was created by Domneh (Turk Crypto Jews) on the corps of Ottoman empire. It’s current president Erdogan hates to be called Islamist.

      • Sure Rehmat they are not Islamic (as opposed to Islamist) but Saudi ISIS Turkey are labelled Islamist & falsely wear the cloak of Islam. Dr Al Assad ‘ s government wasn’t Islamist but they went after Syria for the same reason they are going after Iran, it’s sovereign non-compliant defiant stance against globalist Rothschild Zionist Banksterism.

      • Brand Wahabism 21st Century version & Erdoğan’s neo sultanism along with ISIS (never attack Israel but kill non Takfiris) are all from the one stable of of Pseudo Islam Israel created, compliant & subservient to International Rothschild Zionism.
        When Dr Ahmadinejad got up on the floor of the UN and announced that the biggest threat humanity faces is Rothschild Internationalism Israel went insane

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