Vogue magazine Hijab cover irks Islamophobes

The first-ever edition of Vogue Arabia featuring top US model Gigi Hadid (née Jelena Noura Hadid), 21, wearing a partial veil on the magazine cover and a Hijab on the inside pages, have irked the anti-Muslim creeps on the social media.

Gigi had appeared on cover of the US and UK editions of Vogue magazine over twenty-times in the past – featuring Western-style fashions such as Bikini and half-naked breasts without an objection.

Gigi Hadid was born to a Palestinian father and a White Dutch Christian mother has never claimed to be a Muslim. Her father Mohamed Hadid is former super model turned real estate mogul. When Mohamed Hadid was 18-month-old, his family was forced to flee from Nazareth (West Bank) in 1948 by the European Jewish terrorists. The family took refuge in Syria where Anwar Mohamed Hadid took a job at the University of Damascus.

That’s how we became refugees to Syria and we lost our home in Safad to a Jewish family that we sheltered when they were refugees from Poland on the ship that was sailing from country to country and no one would take them… they were our guest for 2 years till they made us refugees and they kicked us out of our own home. That my history. Strange thing that I and my family would do it again,” posted Mohamed Hadid in 2015 on his Twitter account.

Gigi Hadid’s sister Bell Hadid is an accomplished equestrian. She couldn’t represent United States at the 2016 Olympics in Rio due to her sudden illness.

British gossip media claims Gigi Hadid is dating British singer-songwriter Zayn Malik, 23, born into a English-Pakistani family.

Mohieb Dahabieh, a director from Vogue Arabia has defended the publication of Hijab.

The editor-in-chief of Vogue Arabia is fashion entrepreneur and Saudi princess Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz.

The Vogue Arabia magazine is published by American-Indian millionaire Shashi Menon, CEO Nervora in association with Condé Nast International, an American mass media company headed by Robert A. Sauerberg, Jr (Jewish).

The problem with Vogue Arabia cover is it chose half-Palestinian Gigi Hadid over Israeli top fashion model Bar Refaeli or American top Christian model Kendall Jenner. Gigi Hadid may be proud of her father’s Palestinian background – but she never supported Palestinian cause in public ever.

One has to understand the Western fear of Hijab because it project women’s dignity and freedom as compared to Nun’s full cover as a religious garment which has failed to protect 40% of them from male sexual abuse in churches.


One response to “Vogue magazine Hijab cover irks Islamophobes

  1. Vogue Saudi Israelia would put a sexed-up veil on its front cover. It fits in with its denigrating real Islam globalist agenda

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