WATCH: Netanyahu to whine about Iran in Moscow

Binyamin Netanyahu the liar

On Sunday, Benjamin Netanyahu, a serial liar, told his cabinet that he would fly to Moscow on Thursday to meet with president Putin to voice his opposition to Iran’s plan to establish a permanent military foothold in Syria after Assad succeed in defeating ISIS and other rebel groups.

In the context of this agreement (future peace agreement), or without it, Iran is trying to establish itself permanently in Syria, with a military presence on the ground and at sea, and also a gradual attempt to open a front against us on the Golan Heights. I will express to President Putin Israel’s sharp and vigorous opposition to this possibility. I hope we will be able to reach certain understandings in order to reduce possible friction between our forces and theirs, as we have successfully done up until now,” reported David Israel at the Jewish Press on March 5, 2017.

Historically, it’s not the first time Netanyahu would be whining to Putin or his Zionist allies around the world. He had been doing it since the 1990s. However, the world and especially the Middle East have changed since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Moscow like Washington and London is committed to the survival the Rogue State of Israel – a solution to Europe’s centuries-old Jewish Problem. However, since the fall of Soviet era – Moscow has realized its economic and regional political interests would be better served as result of alliance with Islamic Republic than the Parasite State of Israel which has never stopped sucking blood from western taxpayers by invoking their WWII guilt against Jews.

Netanyahu has nothing to offer to Putin in return for his alliance with Iran, Syria or Hizbullah which have helped him in weakening United States dominance of the Muslim heartland since 1990s. It’s a sweet revenge of what America did to USSR in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

Since September 2015, Netanyahu has visited Putin more than he could have visited his psychiatrist. During September 2015 meeting Netanyahu told his host Putin that Israel is neither for, or against Assad – it only wants Iran out of Syria.

Netanyahu has never left a chance to show his fear of a nuclear Iran in order to divert world attention from his Nazi actions against Palestinians. In July 2015, he even threatened Americans that he would kill himself if Barack Obama signed the so-called P5+1 and Iran nuclear deal.


2 responses to “WATCH: Netanyahu to whine about Iran in Moscow

  1. “Netanyahu has visited Putin more than he could have visited his psychiatrist.”
    That’s not saying much. His psychiatrist committed suicide, having declared to some that he couldn’t bear dealing with him anymore.

    • That’s a sort of warning for Putin to stop meeting the Israeli sociopath before he commit suicide like Dr. Moshe Yatom, who left a note for Netanyahu saying: “You sucked the life right out of me. I can’t take anymore”.

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