Setboun: Photojournalist of Islamic Revolution

22[1]Renowned French photojournalist and author Michel Setboun is credited with shooting over 45,000 photos of Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution.

The Algerian-born French Setboun began working as a photographer in 1978. Until 1983, he covered the revolution in Iran, the independence struggle in Angola, Afghanistan, the Iran-Iraq war and then the civil war in Lebanon for the SIPA agency.

In collaboration with the Iranian Association of Revolution and Sacred Defense Photographers, Setboun’s book entitled The Days of the Revolution has recently been published.

In 2014, Michel Setboun’s images from Imam Khomeini’s exile in Paris to the downfall of US-Israel poodle King Reza Shah Pahlavi, lend realism to the video game 1979 Revolution.

Montreal-born Iranian Navid Khonsari, founder of the ink Stories, and a grandson of King Reza Pahlavi’s culture minister, is the producer of the video game. He says that it encourages the player to roam the streets and alleys of Tehran. He adds that it’s important to share the photographic memories so the history of the Islamic Revolution does not fade.

Last month, Michel Setboun visited Tehran to capture the scenes marking the 38th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. During the visit, The Tehran Times conducted an interview with Setboun.

Setboun met Imam Khomeini first time at Neauphles-le-chateau near Paris where Imam lived in exile in 1978 after Saddam Hussein forced him to leave Iraq.

Imam told me, like a grandfather, that my duty was to be in Iran, covering the revolution which he said was more important than he himself,” Setboun stated during the interview.

Incidentally, an independent fact finding American delegation consisting of former attorney-general Ramsey Clark, Philip Abbott Luce, author and anti-war activist (d. 1998) and Jewish professor Richard Falk also visited Imam Khomeini in Paris in January 1979.

Like Michel Setboun, American Jewish photojournalist Randy H. Goodman also visited Iran three times during the 1979 Islamic Revolution and later during the 8-year Iraqi war on Iran. She visited Iran in 2014 for the 4th time to discover the Islamic Iran in progress.

Watch some pages from Setboun’s book, Iran days of revolution below:


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