Dr. Hassan Diab and French Jewish vengeance

hassan_and_jena-191x3001On October 3, 1980, a synagogue on Copernicus Street was bombed in Paris. Four bystanders were killed. Nine were injured. A worldwide media frenzy followed the incident. Reports held that right wing extremists were responsible. Yet, all of the right wing extremists who were questioned were released. In the upper echelons of French intelligence, the finger of suspicion was pointed at the Israeli Mossad (here , here).

However, the French organized Jewry, as usual, was able to find a ‘Muslim scapegoat’, Lebanese-Canadian Dr. Hassan Diab, former professor at Carleton University, Ottawa, to whitewash Israeli Mossad crime.

French authorities alleged that French-speaking Dr. Diab made and planted the bomb, arguing his handwriting matched five words written by the suspect who had escaped from French security officials guarding the synagogue and the French Jewish Defense League.

Dr. Diab was arrested by RCMP in Gatineau, Quebec, in 2008 and extradited to France on November 14, 2014 on the request of French foreign office which didn’t like Canadian judge ruling that Dr. Diab was in Lebanon at the time of synagogue bombing. But the French authorities insisted that based on ‘intelligence source’, Dr. Dias had been supporter of anti-Israel Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizbullah.

In May and again in October 2016, the French investigative judge ordered Dr. Diab’s release on bail, finding no grounds for his further detention.

Dr. Diab’s fingerprints, palm prints, and physical description do not match those of the suspect. He had never been accused of anti-Semitism by his students or Jewish colleagues. He strongly condemns all forms of bigotry and violence. Hassan must not face life in prison for a crime that he did not commit and that runs contrary to everything he has ever stood for.

The prospects of a fair trial in the current political anti-Muslim climate in France are very slim. There is a real risk that Hassan may be wrongfully convicted due to the heavy reliance of France’s Zionist-controlled anti-terrorism courts on secret, fake intelligence provided by French intelligence agency which has close links with Israeli Mossad.

Please sign a statement of support for Dr. Hassan Diab (here).


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