Maldives: Atol sale to Saudi Arabia worries India

King Salman of Saudi Arabia will visit the Indian Ocean Muslim country of Maldives next week. This is his second visit to Maldives. In 2014 then a prince, Salman booked entire three resorts exclusively for his harem and friends escorting him.

This time he is expected to finalize a US$5 billion deal to lease Faafu Atoll for 99 years – and turn it into a Saudi Las Vegas for Saudi ‘royals’ and western pleasure seeking tourists. The project is for the greater good of Saudi economy as well as Jewish pimps and the local Maldivians.

Maldives’ opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has blasted president  Abdulla Yameen over selling the Atol to Saudi Arabia warning that it would provide Saudi government an opportunity to spread Wahhabism which provides armed recruits to the US-Israel created ISIS fighting Israel’s proxy wars in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. MDP’s indicted leader and former president Mohamed Nasheed was given political asylum by then British home secretary  Theresa May, an Israeli poodle while in Britain for medical treatment.

The Maldives-Saudi Arabia deal was brokered by Pakistan. Pakistani and Chinese construction firms are expected to team-up on the Saudi mega project.

Indian ruling Hindutva party BJP is worried of Maldivian president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom’s growing friendly relations with China and Pakistan – India two regional adversaries. All three countries are members of the nuclear club. President Abdulla Yameen visited Pakistan in January 2015. Chinese president Xi Jinping visited Maldives in September 2014. Angry Indian prime minister Narendra Modi has avoided visiting Maldives despite Abdullah Yameen met Modi in New Delhi in April 2016. President Abdulla Yameen visited Saudi Arabia in October 2016 and had invited King Salman to visit Maldives.

Maldives is a popular holiday destination among Saudis, especially royal family members. Some years back prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal, one of world’s richest person (US$28 billion) with then-wife Ameerah al-Taweel (photo below) used to enjoy spending vacations in Maldives. Since then there have been royal family members visiting Maldives and most of the time successfully elude public attention. Prince Al-Waleed received Maldives’ Order of Distinguished Rule of Izzuddeen in 2009.

AlWaleed is business partner of Israel First Rupert Murdoch and owns several real-state projects in the United States, UK, and Monaco. 

princess ameerah 2


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