UK: Sikhs are Muslims now!

Pro-Israel Jewish and Christian organizations spend tens of millions of dollars each year to demonize Muslims and Islam through media, Hollywood and false flag operation to maintain Islamophobia culture in the West for the benefit of the Zionist entity.

In 2015, UK’s Tell MAMA, a Zionist-controlled Islamophobia Watchdog reported anti-Muslim incidents increased 200% in the UK.

But the Zionist created hatred against Muslims and Islam does not just affect Muslims. A wide variety of people of different faiths, ages and countries of origin are being attacked for mistaken as Muslims. Despite the fact that they may not follow the Islamic faith, they are labeled as such because of their skin color, facial features, or hair texture and style.

Since the brainwashed extremist White Christians belonging to groups like English Defense League and German Pegida cannot understand that they’re being fooled by the anti-Christ Zionist Jews. These idiots who still believe that all Arabs are Muslims – now also have started believing that all South Asians especially people wearing turbans, are Muslims too. That’s the reason Muslim-born former president Barack Obama refused to visit Sikhism’s Vatican, the Golden Temple, during his 2010 landmark visit to India. He feared his turban-photo at the temple would give the Jewish Lobby another excuse to brand him a ‘secret Muslim’.

A recent survey taken among 382 teenagers and adults from diverse ethnic and religious groups in Scotland shows that most of them faced racism being mistaken as Muslims. Nearly all of the 33 young Sikhs who participated in the survey recalled being misrecognized as Muslim. This was the same for young Hindus and other South Asian young people, as well as black African and Caribbean youths. In some cases, south Asian Christians attending a Catholic school in central Scotland were assumed to be Muslim simply due to their ethnicity. Likewise, some Central and Eastern European migrants, originally from Slovakia, Romania and the Czech Republic, were also mistaken for being Muslims. According to one young man, some of his Slovakian friends had been assumed to be Muslim because they look Pakistanis (watch video below).


One response to “UK: Sikhs are Muslims now!

  1. Speaking of “Islamic terrorism”….By an incredible coincidence, which I cannot possibly explain, the actions of ISIS once again dovetail with Israel’s goals. Wow!

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