Mehdi Meklat: French Muslim journalist chased by Jews

captured%25e2%2580%2599e%25cc%2581cran2017-02-20a%25cc%258014-30-371Mehdi Meklat, 24, celebrated Muslim French journalist, chronicler, human rights activist and blogger is in hot water since he interviewed Francois Hollande’s (Jew) former Afro-French justice minister Christiane Taubira, 65, who resigned last year after openly disagreeing with the French president’s proposal to strip French nationality from Muslim dual-citizens who are allegedly involved in terrorism after the Paris attacks, Zionist false flag operation.

Last month, France’s powerful Jewish Lobby CRIF ordered its dogs to turn heat on him for his criticism of anti-Muslim pro-Israel political leaders such as Marine Le Pen, Manuel Valls, Emmanual Macron, and Francois Fillon.

On February 22, 2017, French website The New Antisemite wrote: “Mehdi posted on Twitter (under the nickname of Marcelin Deschamps before using his real name name) a spate of anti-Semitic, homophobic, sexist messages while also targeting a number of personalities with vile messages which could land him in a court, is the responsibility of the media who hired, supported, promoted and praised him.”

On February 22, pro-Israel French newspaper Le Monde devoted an editorial to the Meklat affair. It called Meklat an apologist for Islamism, women hater and  particular hatred of French lesbian Jew journalist and editor Caroline Fourest.

On February 23, Donna Rachel Edmunds at Jewish Breitbart website called Mehdi Meklat, A Soro-backed blogger. I wonder if she knew that George Soro is a Jewish oligarch who is hated by the organized Jewry for calling Israel “racist and undemocratic entity”.

Emmanuel Navon whined at the Times of Israel (March 1): “While still in high-school, Meklat started a blog on life’s harshness in French banlieues (suburbs). He caught the attention of journalists and, within a few years, the articulate and soft-spoken wunderkind became the poster child of moderate Islam and of successful integration. Until, in February 2017, old tweets he published under a pseudonym between 2011 and 2015 were dug-out and exposed.”

Navon spilled his Jewish hatred of Muslims and Islam by adding: “The “Meklat Affair” not only exposed, once again, the moral bankruptcy of the French left. It also confirmed its stubborn refusal to face the fact that there is such a thing as Muslim antisemitism. French philosopher Pascal Bruckner (a known Islamophobe whose father was a Nazi official) has described the Meklat Affair as “the Titanic of the yuppie left.” As Bruckner explains, the French left will not let go of the axioma that former colonized people are always innocent by definition. They cannot possibly be racist, antisemitic, or oppressive. Impossible. In addition, Islam has acquired a special status in France: it is the only religion that cannot be scrutinized or criticized, and which enjoys a de facto protection from blasphemy.”

I wonder if the idiots know that only blasphemy in France is the denial of the “6 million died” myth – punishable with 3-year in jail or heavy fine or both. While Muslims make 15% of French population as compared to 1.5% Jewish  – there had never been a Muslim president, prime minister or even MP in the country while Zionist Jews have held all those posts in addition to control of all political parties, media and banking institutions.

On March 3, The Jew York Times’ Adam Nossiter poured more gasoline on character assassination of Mehdi Meklat, saying: “He has been revealed as the semi-hidden author, under a pseudonym, of hateful and obscene tweets – anti-Semitic, misogynistic, pro-jihadist and homophobic.”

Bring on Hitler to kill the Jews,” he tweeted during the Césars, the French Oscars ceremony; “Charb, what I’d really like to do is shove some Laguiole knives up his … ” he wrote about Charlie Hebdo cartoonist not long before the massacre in which Charb was killed; “I find the phrase, ‘I love death the way you love life,’ of Mohammed Merah troubling in its beauty,” he wrote about the murderer of Jewish schoolchildren in Toulouse; “I miss Bin Laden,” Mr. Meklat said in another tweet,” wrote Nossiter.


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