India: Hindutva war on an orphan Sikh girl

India’s Hindu extremists groups have launched a vicious campaign against 20-year-old Sikh orphan Gurmehar Kaur on social media for saying that Pakistan didn’t kill my dad, war killed him (watch video below).

Her dad Captain Mandeep Sing was killed during Indo-Pak military conflict at Kargil in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir Valley in 1999.

She says when her father was killed she was only six years old. As a child she blamed Pakistan and all Muslims for the death of her father. As a teenager she even stabbed an Indian woman in burqa as part of her hatred toward Muslims. As she grew older it was her mother who was able to convince her that it was not Pakistan but war which killed her father.

Recently, Gurmehar Kaur, a student at Lady Sriram College in New Delhi started a campaign against Hindu extremist groups on social media for the peoples’ rights to dissent against Indian government’s racist policies against minorities and its war drum-beating against Pakistan and China. Changing a facebook display picture with a message “I am a student from Delhi University, I’m not araid of ABVP. I am not alone, every student in india is with me #StudentsAgainstABVP” which was a very polite way of protest. But Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parashad (ABVP) didn’t liked it and many started abusing her on facebook and twitter. She even received rape threats.

The ABVP is student wing of Hindu terrorist organization RSS. It’s modeled on Israel’s anti-free speech Campus Police Hillel.

Ruling party BJP MP Pratap Simha compared Gurmehar to Dawood Ibrahim while Union minister Kiren Rijiju questioned whether someone was polluting the young woman’s mind.

Indian-born Dawood Ibrahim is the most wanted gangster by the Hindutva mafia for supporting Mumbai Muslims against them. Until he escaped to Dubai in 1986, he had many Hindu politicians in his pocket. He was admired by many people in the Bollywood.

The nab Dawood whispers probably started only after the 1993 Mumbai blasts. Incidentally, Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt was also convicted in the same case. Despite that, he continues to be a much-admired personality in the country,” wrote Sunil Rajgru, Daily O, May 27, 2016.

Dr. Ambedkar stated that majority in India is not a political majority but a communal Brahminical  majority. During the regime of Congress, the political majority was always governed within the limits of communal majority and hence demolition of Babri Masjid was reduced to only an administrative failure and the riots on Sikhs, as aftermath of Indira Gandhi’s murder, was generally reckoned as a natural corollary of angst of majority. The 20 yr old girl is not acceding to an argument that Pakistan , as a specific entity, has killed her father.  The non-existing violation of this myth, which someone calls as a fact, should not be a case to consider violation of moral grounds. This has been escalated as a social crime too and, in forthcoming fascist days, possibly, this could be turned out to be a law if it goes unaddressed in the system. The dramatic part of all this is more interesting. We have laid down clear provisions in the constitution. Attaching every trivial and unconnected social event to a ‘holyness’ is actually brahminical majroiatarainist mentality of idolatry.  This culture is reaffirmed when the apex institution like Supreme Court makes ‘ Janagana mana ‘ as a holy affair in the cinema halls (here),” says Victor Vijay Kumar.

Narendra Modi’ Hindutva government has never missed a day threatening India’s Muslim-majority neighbor Pakistan with a nuclear war since it took power. It has just bought US$4 billion worth of ’emergency weapons’ from Israel, Russia and United State. It has also announced to spend US$231 billion on arms purchase during the next 10 years.

In 2016 India was second top importer of arms (US$3.1 billion) after Saudi Arabia (US$4 billion) despite the fact 51% of India’s population lives below the poverty line.


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