Justice Moosa: South Africa’s ‘People’s Lawyer’ dies

On Saturday, South African leaders mourned the death of one of country’s best jurist, statesman, anti-apartheid activist, and retired judge of the country’s High Court, Essa Moosa, in Cape Town.

Essa Moosa was born into a practicing Muslim family on February 8, 1936 in Cape Town. He became one of Nelson Mandela’s first lawyers. In 1998 Mandela appointed him to be a judge of the High Court of the Supreme Court in Cape Town. He was a founding and executive member of the National Association of Democratic Lawyers and chaired its Human Rights Committee. He was a member of the Constitutional Committee of the African National Congress (ANC), gaving logistical support to the ANC negotiation team for the establishment of a democratic, non-racial and non-sexist South Africa. He also served as the Provincial Election Agent for the ANC in the region of the Western Cape for the first democratic elections in April 1994.

Leaders of Kurdish community in South Africa also mourned the death of judge Moosa a loss of a beloved friend.

South African president Jacob Zuma expressed his sadness and extended heartfelt condolences on the death of Judge Essa Moosa.

We have learned with sadness the passing of one of the country’s renowned human rights activists and former Judge of the Supreme Court‚ Honourable Judge Moosa. His passing is an enormous loss to South Africa, as one of our seasoned human rights activists. We wish to extend our heartfelt condolences to the Moosa family and relatives. Our prayers and thoughts are with them during this difficult period. May his soul rest in peace‚” said Zuma.

Maybe, it’s Moosa’s friendship with late Nelson Mandela that helped Mandela’s grandson and chief of Mvezo in the AbaThembu clan, Mandla Mandela to convert to Islam in 2015. He later married Rabia Clarke, a Muslim convert. Whatever, Mandla’s reason to leave his Christian faith to adopt Islam instead of Judaism – it gave Jew journalist Kara O’Neil at UK’s Israeli hasbara newspaper Mirror a good reason to whine on January 31, 2017: “Chief Mandla Mandela convert to Islam to have four wives and then banned booze in family’s village.” I wonder if Netanyahu has some distant relatives living in that village!


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