Muslims donate US$110,000 to ‘fix Jewish cemetry’

On February 23, The Times of Israel reported that two Muslim Americans  Linda Sarsour, executive director of the Brooklyn-based Arab American Association of New York and Tarek El-Messidi founder of Celebrate Mercy have raised US$110,000 in two days for repairs to a Jewish cemetery in University City, Missouri.

On Monday, the Organized Jewry had claimed that 170 gravestones were found to have been vandalized there. If that was not enough, it also claimed that 11 Jewish Community Centers had received bomb threats in order to prove that since Donald Trump, a Jewish Messiah, the hate crimes against Jews have increased to the highest levels since September 11, 2001.

The incident was reported by Rabbi Hershey Novack of the Chabad Center. Many of Chabad Centers around the world are linked to Israeli Mossad.

Police investigated the incident but no arrest was made – may be because it knew it was an inside job. Detective Lt. Fredrick Lemons II said it didn’t look like a hate crime.

On Wednesday, US vice-president, Israel-First Mike Pence with Jewish family roots, and Missouri Governor Eric Greitens (Jew), visited the cemetery and helped in clean-up work without blaming jihadis for the vandalism.

Judging by the past record of the Organized Jewry and Israeli Mossad in carrying out false flags and vandalism on daily basis – this cemetery vandalism, most probably, was fake news. Such news helps Jewish groups to continue milking US taxpayers. For example on July 29, 2014, JTA reported that Jewish institutions received US$12 million from the US Department of Home Security (DHS), or 94% of US$13 million in funds for the security of religious institution.

In 2014, Canadian Jewish B’nai B’rith had claimed that 4 million Canadian hate Jews – but strangely the Canadian Muslims and mosques are the targets of murder and vandalism. Last month, pro-Israel White racist Alexandre Bissonnette shot and killed six and injured over dozen worshippers at a Quebec Mosque.

Based on his Facebook likes and frequent discussion points noted by his university peers, the alleged Quebec mosque shooter was clearly influenced by the feculent pro-Jewish, pro-Israel wing of the Alt-Right which aims, primarily, to convince Western nationalists and traditionalists that Israel and the Organized Jewry are an asset in the struggle against Islam.

Israeli Jews have a long history of razing mosques and vandalizing churches. The US-based Simon Wiesenthal Center (an Israeli lobby group) has built its so-called Museum of Tolerance over 7th century Muslim cemetery. The museum is a symbol of Rabbi Marvin Hier’s hatred of Muslims at the cost of US$100 million.

The readers would be glad to know that Yankees love gravestones in Jewish cemetery so much that have built a Jewish Gravestone Museum in Poland.


One response to “Muslims donate US$110,000 to ‘fix Jewish cemetry’

  1. I can’t believe this Linda Sarsour is Palestimian.

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