Marine Le Pen: France should support Assad

LePenDefaced[1]On Monday, French anti-Muslim president candidate and leader of country’s main opposition party French National (FN) Marine Le Pen was in Lebanon to win Lebanese Christians with French nationality on her side.

In an interview she gave to country’s French newspaper L’Orient Le Jour she praised Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and called on French government of Francois Hollande (Jew) to stop supporting anti-Assad rebels.

She claimed that Assad is the only Syrian leader who can solve Europe’s refugee problem. Because an ISIS victory would create more refugees who would fuel more hatred toward Israel and Jews in the European Union member countries.

It seems the in-fighting within Trump administration has forced it to abandon Israeli agenda of installing an anti-Iran Sunni Wahhabi regime in Syria which hasn’t materialized during the 6-year-old bloodshed in Syria.

Trump has ordered CIA to stop arming Kurd rebels fighting Syrian army to establish a pro-Israel Kurdistan on the lines of Iraqi Kurdistan. The US-backed Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) are said to be engaged in operations to drive terrorists from Raqqah, the de facto capital of Daesh in Syria. They dominate the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a multi-ethnic anti-Damascus alliance.

Hawaii’s Israel-First Hindu Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard met Syrian president in Damascus last month. She is campaigning for Trump to end United States military interference in Syria.

Scott Rickard, a former American intelligence linguist has claimed recently that the US wouldn’t stop arming rebels in Syria until it succeed destroying all the evidence proving it created ISIS for Israel.

According to American Jewish investigating journalist and author Seymour Hersh’s article, ‘The Redirection’, the US planned to make use of ‘moderate Sunni states’, in particular the Saudis, to contain alleged ‘Shiia gains’ in Iraq brought about by the 2003 US invasion. These ‘moderate Sunni’ forces would carry out clandestine operations to weaken Iran and Hizbullah, key enemies of Israel (Hersh 2007). This plan brought the Saudis and Israel closer as, for somewhat different reasons, both fear Iran.

In 2011, the US-Israel created Arab Spring was expected to topple Assad regime as it did Bin Ali in Tunisia, Mubarak in Egypt, and Qaddafi in Libya. But the plan failed in Syria where anti-Israel regimes in Iran and Lebanon had national interests. Two years ago Russia too began defending Assad in order to counter Iranian influence on Assad regime.

With most of Syrian territory liberated from Daesh occupation – the Trump administration has only three choices left; 1) continue arming its proxy terrorist groups for another six years, hoping to bring a regime change in Damascus, or 2) pull out of Syria and let Syrian decide what kind of regime they want, or let Israel fight its own wars of expansion.

Last month, Canadian idiot Ezra Levant, founder of Israeli propaganda organ, The Rebel, posted an idea how Trump can solve Syrian refugee problem based on European Jews’ ‘Mission Accomplished’ in Palestine – invade and occupy Syria which anti-Israel Barack Obama hesitated to do for over five years in the past.

Listen to Ron Paul report below to find out more on this topic.


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