US brings ‘Gun Democracy’ to Gambia

yahyajammehcolor8by101Last month, Gambian president Sheikh Yahya Jammeh refused to accept electoral defeat at the hand of US-supported opponent Adama Barrow. As a result, the US sent the Senegalese Army backed by the Nigerian Air Force to invade Gambia and forced president Yahyah to flee to neighboring Christian majority Equatorial Guinea, a former Portugal colony.

In March 2016, Stuart A. Reid reported at the Jewish The Atlantic, Yahya survived several military coups against him. Last year, a Minnesota judge sent four Gambia-US citizens including Banka Manneh for the failed assassination of Yahya in 2015. Reid also accused Yahya of threatening to behead gay Gambians – a very serious crime in the Organized Jewry’s faith. Yahya had made it compulsory for female government officials to cover their hair.

In May 2015, Yahya Jemmey announced that the tens of thousands of Rohingya Muslims fleeing Buddhist fascism in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) and Bangladesh could find a safe home in Gambia.

On February 18, the new US Viceroy Adama Barrow, 52, for the Islamic State of Gambia held his second inauguration ceremony in Bakau, Gambia. A similar ceremony was held in January inside Gambian embassy in neighboring America’s African Muslim colony Senegal after Adama Barrow defeated the incumbent Sheikh Yahya Jemmeh by a few thousands vote with the help of US and the Jewish-controlled media.

After taking oath, Barrow committed his government to return to Zionist-controlled International Criminal Court (ICC), join the UK headed Commonwealth, and free the foreign agents jailed by the former regime.

In October 2016, following South Africa and Burundi lead, Gambia pulled out of the ICC – calling it International Caucasian Court. Among the 124 member countries that signed the Rome Statute which created the ICC, 34 are from Africa. United States and Israel which cry the most, are not signatory to the Rome Statute.

To make Barrow regime kosher, the European Union released the US$80 million aid package which was put on hold when Jemmeh introduced Islamic Shari’ah in the country.

Boris Johnson (a Crypto Jew), British foreign secretary, visited Barrow in Bakau, saying: “We are here to help.”

While Yahya is in exile thousands of miles away, but his presence lives in the hearts of minds of adoring fans in his home village of Kanilai, near the Senegalese border.

We feel depressed,” says Binta Fatoumassi ,40, a stallholder. “He was a good man 100 per cent. I don’t know if he will ever return.”

Thomas C. Mountain, an Eritrea-based American journalist called the Gambian regime change, as A Very African Coup.

If the old President Yahya wasn’t such a SOB (until recently “our SOB”) one could feel outraged about what can only be described as “a very African Coup”, for where else in the world could one country invade and occupy a neighbor, install the President they support and everyone cheers? Or at least the western media does, though I have yet to hear anyone remotely uncomfortable about such a major violation of international law and non intervention principals anywhere else in the international arena,” says Mountain.

Of course Ethiopia, ruled by a particularly brutal, genocidal even, western supported regime for longer than President Yahyah regularly steal elections, declare a state of emergency, and yet the African Union goes right on running their dog and pony show from the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa,” adds Mountain.


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