Turkish magazine shut down for insulting Moses

O January 17, the Organized Jewry found another straw to demonize Turkey for not allowing the so-called Freedom of Speech over the closure of country’s “most successful satirical magazine” Girgir after the  publication of an insulting cartoon of prophet Moses (as).

The cartoon (see below) shows a bearded Moses leading the Israelite slaves (not the ancestors of modern-day Khazarian Jews) out of Egypt, while some of them complaining about Moses’ decision to leave Egypt using vulgar F**k words.

The cartoon was meant to insult the country’s 99% Muslim population which believe Moses to be a great prophet of Islam like David and Jesus (as).

Facing a backlash from Turkish religious communities, the publisher of Gigir shut down the magazine and fired a staff of dozen people, saying: “The decision has been taken for the magazine to be closed and all the staff laid off because of the distasteful cartoon. The cartoon has disturbed society and disturbed us as a publishing company,” the publishers said in a statement on the magazine’s Facebook and Twitter feeds.

The magazine Girgir was launched in 2015 by the Sozcu newspaper, an anti-Islam secularist daily.

Last year, two Turkish journalists from the Cumhuriyet daily were sentenced by a Turkish court to serve two years in jail for illustrating their columns with a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) originally published by Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. The Danish cartoons were creation of newspaper’s Jew cultural editor Flemming Rose.

President Erdogan’s spokesman Ibrahim Kalin tweeted after the publication of the Girgir cartoon that “this has nothing to do with freedom of speech or humor. This is immoral and a hate crime.”

But since the cartoon in question doesn’t insult the new Jewish religion – Holocaust, such ban is not kosher.

Jonathan Guyer, a Jewish expert on comic and cartoons at the Institute of Current World Affairs, says: “This is one of the funniest societies when it comes to political cartoons and comics. Turkey has one of the most advanced comic scenes in the world, probably the third largest after Japan and the United States. It has a half-dozen weekly comic magazines, plus political cartoons are just huge in the daily newspapers, online, Facebook, Twitter.”

Guyer who was in Turkey for one month on an ‘investigative trip’ said: “Every cartoonist I interviewed in Turkey told me that 2016, irrespective of the recent coup and crackdown, has been the most difficult year for cartoonists on record. About 1,500 people, including cartoonists, celebrities and journalists, are under investigation for insulting the president Erdogan.”

Pity, Turkey don’t have Gag Order enforced by the Zionist regime in Israel and its Western colonies.

Holy Qur’an tell Moses’ story different than the Jewish Bible (OT). It doesn’t call Moses a murderer (Ex. 2:12), or the first Hebrew child abandoned by a mother (Ex. 2:3) or a snake charmer (Ex. 4:3) or a song-writer for Hollywood movies (Deu. 32:1-43) or that Moses with brother Aaron, nephews Nadab and Abihu, and the seventy elders of Israel, saw G-d on Mt. Sinai (Ex. 24:9-11).

For 1.9 billion Muslims, Moses was born as a prophet of Allah – commanded to remove corruption among the followers of prophet Israel (Jacob). He was not a murderer, womanizer, moneychanger, snake charmer or a foul mouth. He was follower of Abrahamic (Islamic) faith. He never saw G-d at Mt. Sinai. When he asked about G-d, a thunderous response came: “I’m what I’m,” making Moses fall unconscious. When he returned from Mt. Sinai, he found all the creeps he liberated except Aaron and a few close friend, worshipping a Golden Calf.

Ironically, Rabbi David J. Wolpe, Rabbi Samuel Waxman, Rabbi David E. Stern, Rabbi Richard Hirsh, and many other Jewish and Christian scholars have questioned the story of Exodus in the Bible.

The truth is that virtually every modern archaeologist who has investigated the story of the Exodus, with very few exceptions, agrees that the way Bible describes the Exodus is not the way it happened, if it happened at all,” wrote Wolpe,  L.A. Times, 2001).

Publisher closes satirical magazine after cartoon insulting Moses creates outrage


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