Iran beats US in Wrestling Cup Final

Iran-Flag-128[1]On Friday, Iran’s national team won the Gold Medal at the Freestyle Wrestling World Cup competition in Kermanshah, Iran, for the sixth time in a row by defeating the USA team in the 2017 final match, while Azerbaijan placed third with a victory over Turkey. During the final matches, Iranian wrestlers sealed a 5-3 victory against their American guests.

Iranian president Dr. Hassan Rouhani in a message on Friday felicitated  Iranian team on its victory over United States in the final.

Iran’s victory in the Wrestling World Cup in Kermanshah city brought about pride and joy for Iranian nation,” the message reads.

Last year Iran beat Russia in the final to win the Gold Medal. In 2015, Iran beat USA to win the Gold Medal.

Earlier in February, Iran reversed its ban and allowed US wrestlers to participate in the competition following an earlier US travel ban, now frozen, by president Donald Trump on nationals from seven Muslim-majority countries, including Iran.

The 45th round of the 2017 Freestyle World Cup was held with the attendance of eight top world teams in Kermanshah Province on February 16-17.

Iran, Russia and United States are international wrestling powerhouses. American wrestlers have established great bonds in sports with Iran (here).

I’m very thankful for the warm reception we received today and even more grateful that this trip was made possible,” wrote two-time world champion and Olympic gold medallist Jordan Burroughs on Instagram.

I have been wrestling overseas for three years now and every Iranian I have ever come in contact with has been extremely respectful, extremely polite,” US Olympic gold medalist Kyle Snyder said during a training session.



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