Pastor Baldwin: Why I hate Netanyahu

bomb3[1]When American horror books author Stephen King wrote: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, shame on both of us” – being a Christian Zionist, I’m sure he was not talking about Benjamin Netanyahu.

Benjamin Netanyahu has been fooling Americans before joining politics. He cheated US taxpayers under four different IDs when he was studying in United States. He inherited this and many other immoral characteristics from his father Benzion Netanyahu (d. 2012) – a Jew terrorist.

The Israeli weekly Ha’ir reports that four requests for credit approval appear in the US social security file number 020-36-4537. Under each request one finds a different name: Benjamin Netanyahu, Benjamin Nitai, John Jay Sullivan and John Jay Sullivan Jr. – one man, four names (here).

Charles (Chuck) Baldwin, 64, American pastor, politician, radio host, and blogger posted an article on February 9, entitled, Is Netanyahu Finished?. In the article the good pastor claims that people around world are finding out that Netanyahu is a serial liar – he lied about Muslim threat to the US, and Syria, Iran, and Iraq are threat to American interests in the region. currently, he is being investigated at home for corruption.

The removal of Netanyahu from office would be a very good thing for the entire world. The problem is the State of Israel is controlled by about 20 mega-rich Zionist families. To think that these power-brokers would replace Bibi with a truly honest man is as likely as the sun rising in the west tomorrow morning,” pastor said.

Is Baldwin anti-Israel? Nope. He believes that Israel has enough military power to wipe out any country in the Middle East, and it doesn’t need Washington’s permission to do that. However, Baldwin believes that Israeli interests are not necessarily American interests, therefore, American should stop pampering the Zionist regime. How Baldwin knows about Israel’s military strength? It could be judged by his knowledge of the Middle East from the following statement:

America continues to furnish Israel’s enemies with three times more aid and assistance than it does Israel. Three times. Is that being a blessing to Israel? America gives unflinching and magnanimous support to militant Muslim governments such as Saudi Arabia. There is no nation in the Middle East that has harbored, trained, supplied, and supported more terrorists than Saudi Arabia. Is that being a blessing to Israel? In addition, every time an American President wants to meddle in Middle Eastern affairs, he insists that Israel give up land for peace,” wrote Baldwin on his blog on January 15, 2008 while endorsing Congressman Ron Paul.

Professor Melvin A. Goodman, former CIA analyst and author claimed in July 2013 that Israel receives 46% of total annual USAID.

On February 15, 2017, American Jewish journalist, author, academic, and contributing editor at The Atlantic, and The Daily Jewish Forward, professor Peter Alexander Beinart penned an article, entitled, “How Benjamin Netanyahu Played Us On The Iran Deal – And We Let him“.

The political barriers that Netanyahu faced two years ago are gone. He and Trump are now free to renounce the Iran nuclear deal, and thus, by Netanyahu’s logic, prevent a second Shoah. Or, failing that, Netanyahu could take matters into his own hands and bomb Iran’s nuclear sites himself, secure in the knowledge that Trump is less likely than Obama to object,” Beinart said.

Netanyahu may kiss Trump for ‘tearing Iran nuclear agreement’, but that wouldn’t effect Iran because it signed the agreement with UN’s five permanent members and Germany – not just United States. Russia, China, Germany, and France would refuse to follow Trump’s decision because they all need Iranian oil money ($410 billion/year). Even Pentagon’s to gun Gen. James Mattis supports the agreement.

Netanyahu, for all his thunderous emotion, wasn’t being honest when he railed against the nuclear agreement. He wasn’t actually worried that the deal paves Iran’s path to the bomb. His real concern was that it would improve relations between Washington and Tehran, thus empowering Israel’s greatest regional foe, and reducing America’s dependence on Israel. Now that the chances of a US-Iranian détente have diminished (thanks to the Zionist shill in the White House), so have Netanyahu’s fears about the nuclear deal. In speaking to Americans, Netanyahu emphasized the nuclear issue because it allowed him to invoke the specter of the Holocaust, which is what he’s been doing his entire career,” Beinart said.


2 responses to “Pastor Baldwin: Why I hate Netanyahu

  1. Greeting from a Christian in Canada who believes like Chuck Baldwin. But I do not hate Netanyahu and I am sure Baldwin doesn’t either. We hate what he does. Christians don’t hate, but if they do, they are not true Christians. We are all God’s creation so we must not hate.

    I have received your articles for quite sometime and have totally enjoyed your insight into the Zionist movement all over the world. It lines up with so much that I have researched. My prayer for you is that you will get to know the Jesus of the Bible as He died for your sins as well as mine. He is alive today and His spirit dwells in the hearts of true believers. It saddens my heart that the Zionist Christians are so deceived. It is causing such a huge division in the evangelical Christian church.

    Jesus said, Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth will make you free. He also said … I am the way, the truth and the life, NO man cometh to the Father but by me. He told the Jews that if they would have known His father, they would have known who He is, but they knew neither the Father nor the Son. You will find those verse in the NT using the KJV. The Jews hate Jesus as you know.

    Thanks again for all your research.

    Pat from Canada.

    • A sincere thanks from a Muslim Canadian.

      One doesn’t need to study at a Christian missionary to know how Christians should treat non-Christians – as I did. Just study the recent European history to find out it were Christians who murdered over 100 million Christians, Jews, Muslims and atheists during WWI and WWII.

      The four Gospels, and Genesis in the NT doesn’t preach respect or tolerance toward non-Christians. It even portray Jesus cursing Jews and women, even disrespectful to his own mother Mary (John 2:4).

      You may be surprised to know 1.9 billion Muslims around the world respect Jesus of Nazareth (not Jesus of Rome) more than any Christian. So much so, while the New Testament has no Gospel named after Jesus or his mother Saint Mary – Holy Qur’an has an entire chapter (Surah) “Maryam” is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and the miraculous birth of prophet Jesus.

      Isa (Jesus) is common name among the Muslims. I’ve named my son Isa.

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