Meet the Dutch Muslim baker who hates Israel

flag_netherlands21One can understand Organized Jewry’s reason to get upset whenever some Muslim politician gets elected or over a visit by some Muslim cleric or a Muslim MP calling for legalizing Islamophobia as a hate-speech like anti-Semitism – but I never expected the Zionist Mafia would stoop so low to become paranoid over what a Dutch baker thinks of Israel or Jews for that matter.

On February 17, 2017, the JTA reported that Danish Jewish groups have condemned Rachid el Hajoui, a Muslim immigrant from Morocco who works at a pizza eatery in Tilburg, over allegedly making some anti-Israel and anti-Jewish statements in the past. Why it bothered the Muslim-hating pro-Israel Jews now? Because Hajoui during an appearance at a public forum complained about rise in hatred towards Muslims in Netherlands. He made the political mistake by not mentioning the plight of Dutch Jews who prospered in apartheid South Africa but were expelled from Netherlands in 1442, or forced to wear the Yellow Badge during Nazi occupation of the country. Furthermore, he dared to accuse the notorious anti-Muslim opposition leader Geert Wilders, an Israeli agent.

So, the Center for Information and Documentation for Israel, the country’s main Israeli advocacy group, filed a complaint for incitement to hatred against el Hajoui in order to defend Dutch White racist organized minority which while hate Muslim immigrants – loves the Zionist entity. It found the following antisemitic statements made by Rachid el Hajoui.

1. He is a former member of country’s Socialist Party which supports religious tolerance and equal rights for Muslim citizens.

2. Hajoui’s Twitter account in 2014 allegedly read: “Hitler was nothing compared to the Israelis. Someone would had to finish his work 60 years ago.” He also allegedly wrote in Dutch: “Only answer to Israel is total extermination, annihilate the Zionist cockroaches #1945 #wehateisrael.”

3. He also praised Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as the “only real man among Muslim leaders.” Interestingly, on June 10, 2006, American Jewish lobby ADL awarded Erdogan its Medal of Courage for supporting state of Israel and Turkish Jewish (130,000-strong) minority.

Esther Voet, the Zionist bitch editor-in-chief of the Nieuw Israelitisch Weekblad, wrote in an Op-Ed in her weekly claiming that Hajoui had no right to complain about Islamophobia while he didn’t criticized the Holocaust deniers. She called Hajoui a “Moroccan pet” and “antisemite”. I bet my Canadian dollar that Berber Hajoui has more chances of being Semite that the Khazarian filth Weekblad.

On February 25, 2006, professor James Petras wrote that Israeli Mossad and the pro-Israel Jewish and White supremacist groups are behind anti-Muslim crusade in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.


5 responses to “Meet the Dutch Muslim baker who hates Israel

  1. Hajoui’s admiration for Zionist shill Recep “please bring your Israeli Embassy back to Turkey” Erdoğan shows he’s a mixed up sod. This is the issue with some highly misinformed Muslims in the West they actually can’t distinguish the enemy within the Ummah.

    • Zionist entity’s ambassador Eitan Na’eh landed in Ankara on December 1, 2016 and shook hands with Erdogan at the Presidential Palace on December 5.

  2. rehmat1, Have you researched Dönmhe Crypto Jews?
    Here is a starting point:
    Saudi king does a freudian slip:

    Saddam Hussein Intelligence report on the origins of Wahabism

    • It’s not only the Saudi ‘royals’ who are DONMEH – The leaders of the Young Turk movement who abolished Ottoman Dynasty and later carried Armenian Holocaust, were also DONMEH.

      Mohammad Sakher was the first Arab writer who exposed Saudi ‘royals’ Jewish family roots in a booklet which was banned and the author was assassinated by Saudi executioners ….

      • The problem (a form of cultural schizophrenia) remains in the sunni world at large and that is a lack of awakening and political action. The muslim brotherhood and like movements have been completely infiltrated by the Saudi Israilians. (Who could ever forget Morsi’s letter to “My dear Brother Simon Perez” on taking office & the resignation of Morsi’s adviser over this cringe worthy arse kissing action not to mention taking billions off the Americans & enslaving themselves.The Sunni world can’t get its own Khomeini or 1979 happening because it does not have the resistance to oppressors credo of those tough, uncompromising Shi’ites and it has a tendency to fall back into Jahilaya mode. This is their core problem. That is why the Saudi Israelians can run rings around them.

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