US: Venezuelan VP is pro-Hizbullah

On Monday, Donald Trump administration announced sanctioning of Venezuelan Vice-president Tareck El-Aissami, 42, over his links to Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah and drug smuggling mafia. Washington put a freeze on El-Aissami’s assets, mostly in real-state, which would soon be opened for the families of 147 Israeli soldiers killed by Hizbullah fighters in 2006 war to dip-in.

We shall not be distracted by these miserable provocations. Truth is invincible and we will see this vile aggression dispelled,” El Aissami wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez said in a Wednesday press conference that recent accusations against Vice President Tareck El Aissami contrast with the fact that Venezuela is among the top six countries with the highest confiscation of narcotic drugs in the world (here).

Israel fears that in case Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro decide to resign under US-backed opposition pressure – VP Tareck El-Aissami would automatic become president under country’s constitution.

El-Aissami was appointed vice president in January by President Nicolás Maduro after serving as governor of Venezuela’s Aragua state from 2012 to 2017 – and earlier interior minister under late president Hugo Chavez.

US treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin (Zionist Jew) has accused El-Aissami of drug-trafficking.

Mnuchin, the banking billionaire should know better that CIA is the known King of drug-trafficking – and the drug-industry is monopolized by Jews.

Luis Fleischman (Jew), senior adviser at the Center for Security Policy (the Islamophobia network) says that “El-Aissami is one of Venezuela’s main contacts with Hizbullah. He has been providing logistical and financial support to those organizations.” The CSP was founded by Israel-First Frank Gaffney. Donald Trump quoted CSP propaganda lies in support of his slurs against Muslims and Islam.

The Washington-based Center for a Secure Free Society (SFS) founded in 2012 by Alejandro Chafuen (Jew) in its 2014 report claimed that El-Aissami played a major role in helping Islamist groups in setting-up anti-Israel network in Latin America.

Over the years, Tarek El Aissami has developed a sophisticated and multilevel financial network that functions as a criminal terrorist pipeline for bringing Islamic radicals to Venezuela and its neighbors, and to send illegal funds from Latin America to the Middle East,” the report said.

Tarek El Aissami was born in Lebanon to a Christian mother and Iraqi Christian father Carlos Al-Aissami who was head of Iraqi Ba’athist party branch in Venezuela.

There are 1.5 million Arabs among Venezuela’s total population of 32 million. Most Venezuelan Arabs are of Syrian descent (500,000) and the rest from Lebanon, Occupied Palestine and Iraq. There are only 100,000 Muslim Arabs among them. Islam was brought to Venezuela by Moors expelled from Spain after the 850-year Muslim rule in Spain in 1492 CE. These Arabs are totally assimilated into Catholic majority and speak Spanish while only a few hundred could speak Arabic.

There are over 15,000 Jews in Venezuela, mostly descendants of the European colonists. According to EJC they are hated by Christians and Muslims despite having 20 synagogues and over dozen private schools. Last year, ADL claimed that Venezuelan Jews are fleeing to Israel to escape antisemitism and economic hardships. However, last month Israeli government refused to accept nine Venezuelans who claimed they had converted to Judaism – on the ground that their mothers were Catholics.


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