Peru: Israel dumps its former ally

Mosque Bab ul Islam, Tacna, PeruOn Sunday, Netanyahu blocked former Peruvian president Alejandro Toledo’s (2001-2006) entry to Israel to join his French Jewish wife Eliane Karp, an Israeli citizen.

Peruvian president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (son of a German Jew) has asked Donald Trump to extradite Toledo to Peru.

Toledo who is living in exile in United States for years, is wanted on corruption charges in Peru. He is accused of taking US$20 million in bribe from a Brazilian construction company.

Since Peru has extradition treaty with United States but not with Israel – Toledo like most of American Jew criminals decided to take refuge in the state known as ‘Heaven for Criminals’.

Toledo has a long friendship with Israeli businessman Yosef Maiman, who prosecutors accuse of acting as a middleman for at least $10 million in alleged bribes.

In January 2011, Peru joined seven other Latin American countries in recognizing an independent Palestinian state. The decision was condemned by Israel and the US. Then Peruvian president Alan Garcia also met PA president Mahmoud Abbas. Alan Garcia is a pro-US and critic of late president Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

Islam was brought to Peru by Spanish Muslims after the fall of Granada in 1492. However, the 5,000 Muslims living among the 24 million nation are most descendants of Muslims from Palestine and Syria. There is only one mosque in Tacna known as Bab al-Islam Mosque (see photo on top of this post).

There are close to 3,000 European Jews living in Peru who all claim that they’re descendants od Holocaust survivors. However, Israeli rabbis have succeeded in bribing over a hundred poor Inca Peruvian Christians to become the lost tribe of B’nai Moshe – only if the immigrate. These newly found ‘Jew’ are living in a settlement of  Alon Shvut in the occupied West Bank on land stolen from native Muslims and Christians.

Theoretically, the new Jews had the option of joining the Jewish community in Peru, but that was ruled out by Israel’s rabbinate council,” Ha’aretz quoted Jewish Agency official saying.


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