‘Letters to a Young Muslim’ – Book review

The UAE ambassador to Moscow Omar Saif Ghobash’s 2017 book, ‘Letters to a Young Muslim‘ was Jew York Times’ editor’s pick last month.

The book is basically a story of Ghobash family. Saif Ghobash was the first UAE’s foreign minister who became a victim of Israeli Mossad agent for criticizing the Zionist regime. Within less than a month since its publication – the book has been used to bash Muslims and Islam by Jews, Christian and Muslim writers at media owned by Zionist Jew millionaire Jeff Bezos such as Washington Time, Slate, Newsweek, and Business Insider – and David Korten’s Yes! magazine. The book was also praised by former MBA star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at Jew York Times (January 11, 2017). Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who converted to the Nation of Islam at age 18, gave Ghobash credit for authoring such a wonderful book not because Ghobash is an Islamic scholar but because he has higher educational degrees from British universities, and speaks six languages.

What makes a spoiled son of a rich Arab family from a oil-rich state created by British colonist and educated at elite British universities Oxford and London to explain the true nature of Islam? Zelch! But the dude has tried his best to sell Islam Made in America in his book to the next generation of Muslims.

I want my sons’ generation of Muslims to realize that they have the right to think and decide what is right and what is wrong, what is Islamic and what is peripheral to the faith. It is their burden to bear whatever decision they make,” writes Ghobash.

Any Muslim who has read Holy Qur’an would know that Allah (swt) made the above commandment over 1400 years ago. Not only that, He commanded Muslims not only to respect and honor their mothers, daughters, and wives but make more efforts to educate their daughters than their sons. Why? Because when a Muslim educates his son, he educate one person – but when he educates his daughter, she would raise a good Muslim children.

Since Ghobash book is meant to educate young Muslim – shouldn’t he be giving interview on his book to some young Muslim journalist (I’m sure there are plenty of them around even in Moscow)? NOPE. The first interview he gave was to Terry Gross (Zionist Jewess), talk-show host at NPR’s Fresh Air on January 4. Terry’s favorite topics are Holocaust, Israel – and bashing Christianity.

His second interview was with Christopher Zumski Finke, editor of Jewish magazine Yes!, published on February 9, 2017.

Well, who is a Muslim and who isn’t? And according to certain traditions, there is a difference in the treatment. Certain traditions would actually tell you, well, you know, the Muslim must not dress like a non-Muslim. So if a non-Muslim decides to wear a certain kind of clothing, well, you shouldn’t. You should avoid that kind of clothing,” Ghobash told Ms Gross.

I cannot blame Ghobash interpretation of Islam considering he was brought up in Wahhabi cult which is much closer to Jewish Kabbalah than Islamic Shari’ah. There is no restriction on how Muslim men and women dress-up as long as the dress is based on modesty. If the idiot had ever been to Hajj ceremonies, he would have noticed that over one million women perform the rituals wearing the same dress as fellow men. On the contrary, Jew women are not allowed to shed their tears at the Wailing Wall in the company of men.

Some people think Islam is a religion of peace as long as we’re winning. When we’re under attack there is no peace. But this whole idea of Islam as a religion of peace already reflects the mentality of war and peace. I’d like to see us move beyond that. It’s not a question of war and peace. It’s a question of what are we doing with our daily lives. What are we doing at the individual level, rather than reinforce this idea of us being under attack,” Ghobash told Finke.

I don’t know from where the idiot got that information. Islam teaches its followers not to start a war if possible – but if they’re forced to fight to save their families, country and religion – Islam commands them to teach a lesson to the aggressor so it thinks five times before it attack Muslims again.

Ghobash told Finke that Muslims in the United States are luckier than in the Arab countries where there is no freedom of speech allowed. I bet had the idiot challenged the 6 million dogma or criticized Jewish Lobby – he would have found the truth about the so-called ‘freedom of speech’ in the US and 15 EU countries. However, an Arab is free to do that in the Middle East.

Ghobash also told Finke that Muslim youth in schools learn antisemitism. Interestingly, Israeli Gen. Nehemia Dagan has admitted that Jewish cadets at Israel military academy are taught to hate Muslims.

I know we in the Arab and the Islamic world try to separate ourselves from the rest of the world and say that we are special and unique in some way. I remember in the 1980s and ‘90s, I used to watch what was going on in various African nations on TV and I thought, oh my God, these people are barbarians,” Ghobash told Finke.

I’m sure, Ghobash must be watching Hollywood movie or BBC documentaries which never show Israeli barbarism against Palestinians, Africans and the Arabs (watch below).


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