Chutzpah: Jewish groups hold pro-immigration rallies

On Sunday, several pro-Israel Jewish groups held rallies in several US cities including in New York, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Denver and San Francisco – condemning Donald Trump’s anti-immigration and anti-refugee policies.

The rallies were sponsored by US-based Jewish immigration agency HIAS and co-sponsored by a number of American Jewish groups such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the American Jewish World Service, the National Council of Jewish Women, and the Rabbinical Associations of the Conservative, Reform and Reconstructionist movements.

Last week, 19 rabbis belonging to Jewish human-rights group T’ruah, were arrested over protesting against Trump’s ban on Muslims from seven Muslim-majority countries where Trump has no personal investment (he didn’t ban Saudi Arabia, India, Malaysia and Indonesia with world’s largest Muslim population) in front of Trump International Hotel in New York City.

HIAS, established in 1903, has long history of funding Jewish immigration from Russia to United States and British occupied Palestine. After the creation of Western Jewish colony in Palestine to solve centuries-old Europe’s Jewish problem, HIAS helped nearly 400,000 Jews from Muslim countries in the Middle East and Africa to replace Palestinian natives such as Morocco, Iraq, Iran, Tunisia, etc. HIAS is funded by US-taxpayers, UNHRC, and local Jews. Last year, Barack Obama Obama mentioned HIAS twice in his remarks at the annual White House Hanukkah party, and a HIAS client lighted the menorah.

The word chutzpah is Jewish invention. It stands for boldness coupled with supreme arrogance. It was borrowed initially from Jewish dialect (Hebrew and Yiddish).

As a chutzpah, Varda Epstein, has accused American rabbis and Jewish groups for not protesting over expulsion of 11,000 Jewish settlers from Gaza in 2005. It’s always hard to tell who is telling the truth among Zionist Jews. The  NPR reported on August 5, 2005 that Israeli police forced 8,500 Jew settlers to evacuate Palestinian land in Gaza after the withdrawal of Israel  Occupation Force (IOF) for their safety.

All these Jewish groups while support refugees arriving from around the world to North America and Europe – support Israel’s policy of not allowing five million Palestinian refugees to return to their ancestral land of Palestine.

In fact, the Zionist regime has also made it illegal any non-Jew to immigrate to the Zionist entity at all.

Do you ever wonder why these groups never staged protests in front of Israeli embassy in Washington or AIPAC office in Washington DC? After all – these are the two main criminals forcing American lawmakers to invade Muslim-majority countries for Israel resulting in millions of Muslims becoming refugees seeking refuge in the West.

According to PEW survey, there are over 65 million refugees in the world – 60% of whom are from Muslim majority countries. During the Western colonization of Asia, Middle East and Africa – British, French, German, and Dutch brought immigrants from their colonies as cheap labor. After the end of colonial empire – the White Europeans began to consider the non-White immigrants as threat to their jobs. This provided a golden opportunity for the Organized Jewry to support immigration from Muslim countries in order to fuel hatred toward Muslims and Islam to benefit the Zionist entity.


3 responses to “Chutzpah: Jewish groups hold pro-immigration rallies

  1. You misquoted me, which is why the figure you cited as mine does not jibe with the NPR figure. I said that 11,000 Jewish settlers were expelled from Gaza AND Northern Samaria in order to make Disengagement possible. Yes, the figure of Jewish settlers expelled from Gaza was close to 8,500. The others were from Samaria.

    You call me out as having chutzpah. The chutzpah is you lied in misrepresenting what I said. And since you didn’t link to where I wrote that, no one has a way to check whether what you said was true. Which it wasn’t. The chutzpah is yours alone.

    • Sorry darling – like you, I’m not a paid professional Jewish liar. So no one blame me for Jewish chutzpah.

      Here is your quote from the Jewish (February 6, 2017):

      “I know this because in 2005, 11,000 Jews were expelled from their homes in the Jewish State and there were no American rabbis protesting (save for the Modern Orthodox), no Conservative or Reform Jews holding signs or expressing indignation. These 11,000 of their Jewish brethren who were forcibly dragged out of their homes consisted of 8,000 Jewish settlers in Gaza and another 3,000 from Northern Samaria. They were expelled from their beautiful homes after a national referendum in the democratic State of Israel in which 65% of the Israeli people voted against the plan.”

      Now, could you please enlighten my readers on whose land those alien pigs built their “beautiful homes” OR how the apartheid Zionist entity became a “democratic state” while 20% of its natives cannot vote – but over 40,000 Israeli Jews living in the West can do?

      You Northern or southern Samara like the “6 million died” is fig of Zionist Jewish imagination. These alien Zionist pigs happens to be the most Jew hating folks on the earth.

      • It is appropriate to cite the link to the piece. Here is the original:

        Rehmat: This website doesn’t advertise Israeli Hasbara websites.

        I receive no pay for these articles. I do it to spread the truth. Unlike you, who writes to spread lies and hatred. Even your Quran acknowledges that the Jews are the Children of Israel. Get over yourself.

        Rehmat: When was the last time you read your hateful Talmud which not only curses Jesus, Mary, Christians but also the entire 6 billion non-Jews?

        Holy Qur’an calls Moses and Jesus followers as “People of Book”. And in case you never hear – two of young Jewish widows married the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

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