Bannon: Jews are behind ‘jihad’ in America!

donkey[1]The Jewish Lobby continues digging in the past anti-Muslim activities of Donald Trump’s top strategic adviser Stephen Bannon, an Israel-First Christian Zionist. Bannon before recruited by Trump’s Jewish son-in-law Kushner, was at the helm of the anti-Muslim and pro-Israel propaganda outlet Breitbart News, founded by the Proud Jew Andrew Breibart.

The latest Jewish ‘smoking gun’ – Stephen Bannon, a fanatic Zionist Christian, was planning to produce an anti-Muslim propaganda documentary to prove that Muslims and Islam are the greatest threat to not only to the United States but to the entire Western civilization.

The documentary which failed to receive enough funding from the Jewish groups, was named ‘The Islamic State of America’. It would be comprised of Americans like Bannon who blindly support the Zionist entity.

According to JTA (February 3, 2017) Stephen Bannon blamed the US major media outlets (owned or controlled by Zionist Jews), the CIA and FBI (whose agents are trained by Israeli military officials and make mandatory visits to Holocaust museums), civil liberties groups such as ACLU, universities and the Jewish dominated Left, and some American Jewish and Christian groups involved in the interfaith activities.

I know, Bannon didn’t mean that the Organized Jewry indeed was behind every so-called “Muslim terrorist act” – from 9/11 to ISIS, and in between.

The Muslim groups named by Bannon as cultural jihadists included the Saudi Arabia funded Islamic Society of North America that has worked closely with some anti-Zionist Jewish groups.

Instead of wasting my time arguing with Zionist filth like Stephen Bannon and other Jewish-butts-licking Christians and atheists – I would rather let John Spritzler respond to Bannon’s war on Islam, posted on February 3, 2017.

The logical implication of Bannon’s view is that we need to wage a War on Islam to force all 1.9 Muslims in the world to renounce their religion (or die or be in prison). In Bannon’s view, all Muslims in the Unites States are a fifth column that we need to treat as a hostile enemy,” says Spritzler.

The Big Lie was that 9/11 was done by “19 Muslims” when in fact it was an inside job designed to make us fear Muslims. Then US troops were sent to invade Iraq and Afghanistan as a conquering invading army killing innocent Muslims and torturing them and–BY DESIGN! – learning to fear ordinary Muslims as an enemy just because they fought back as ANY people would have. Then the US government began using drones to kill more innocent Muslims in even more nations for the purpose of creating anger at the United States among Muslims and inducing some to join seemingly anti-American organizations such as ISIS and Al Qaeda (which organizations do the bidding of the U.S. rulers, actually). And the FBI has been working overtime trying to induce Muslims in the United States to commit terrorism and deliberately permit some to do it on their own. All of this is to ensure that Americans will be extremely frightened of Muslims,” adds  Spritzler.

Even before 9/11 the US ruling class supported Israel’s violent ethnic cleansing of non-Jews (Palestinians, who are mainly Muslims) from more than 78% of Palestine. There is absolutely no moral justification for this ethnic cleansing whatsoever. Its purpose is to force the Palestinians to resist the ethnic cleansing so that they can then be falsely portrayed in the West as evil antisemitic and anti-American Muslim terrorists,” says Spritzler.

We need to explain to the good, but very frightened, people who agree with Bannon that their fear of Muslims is the result of lies and manipulation by the American ruling class that controls us by keeping us afraid of a bogeyman enemy, which used to be Communists and now is Muslims,” says Spritzler.


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