UK’s Padre: We should ‘overcome’ Holocaust

On February 6, over 400 people gathered in front of 10 Downing Street, the British prime minister Theresa May‘s residence in London to protest Benjamin Netanyahu, a pathological liar, visit to United Kingdom.

The gathering was addressed by Baroness Jenny Tonge, Israeli Jewish professor Moshe Machover, Bruce Kent, former Catholic priest and president Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, and several other speakers (watch a video below).

Bruce Kent said that Jews were not the only victims of Nazis. Catholics and other minorities also suffered under Nazi rule.

The memory (of ethnic-cleansing) is something that inspires people in the wrong direction. We have all had terrible sufferings in history – all of us. But we actually have to overcome that and start to live like human beings together. I believe it is perfectly possible. And I think there are many many Jewish people – Jews for Justice for Palestine for one – who know this perfectly well,” said Kent.

To be a Jew is  not to be a Zionist. That’s a different qualification – said Kent.

Before calling Bruce Kent a Holocaust – I suggest readers should study Holocaust truth from two ‘Zionist Jewish scholars’ – American author David Cole and French historian Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce.

Baroness Jenny Tonge said: “I am sick of hearing about new settlements and expansions. I am sick of children being bullied, battered and sometimes shot. I am sick to death with the way the Israeli government behaves. It is not a Jewish government – it’s nothing like the way Jewish people behave.”

The Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA), the so-called Jewish charity which blames 2.5 million British Muslims for fueling antisemitism in the UK has accused professor Moshe Machover of supporting Gaza-ruling Hamas. CAA has also accused Machover of antisemitism for hating Zionism.

Moshe Machover is a Marxist anti-Zionist Jew. He believes that the Zionist entity has no right to exist as a Jewish state.

Israel – armed with the latest weapons – is facing in the 21st century a situation not dissimilar to that of the United States in the 19th, when it was in the process of fulfilling its ‘manifest destiny’: ethnically cleansing the land and colonizing it. But Israel, despite its overwhelming military superiority, is at a serious disadvantage compared to that of the 19th century US or Australia, for two reasons. First, the national cohesiveness and modernity of the indigenous Palestinian Arabs and their relationship with the entire Arab nation. The second is numerical: by the middle of the 19th century, the settlers already significantly outnumbered the indigenous people in North America, and to a lesser degree in Australia. But in both North America and Australia the trend was unmistakable, due to mass immigration, which was largely unhindered and even encouraged, at least as far as Europeans were concerned. In Israel, due to the religious-ethnic restrictiveness of Zionism, only Jews (and their non-Jewish immediate relatives) are accepted. By now, all major reserves of potential mass Jewish immigration to Israel are pretty much exhausted. So Zionist colonization is stuck with an exceptional situation of rough numerical equality between settlers and indigenous populations, both crystallized as discrete and distinct nations. By the way, this gives the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which is essentially colonial, a misleading surface appearance of a symmetric dispute between two nations,” wrote Machover at Weekly Worker on September 18, 2014.

Jonathan Arkush, president Board of Jewish Deputies called the speakers, discredited, nasty and hateful.


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