Canada’s anti-Islamophobia law terrifies Jewish Lobby

Since Canadian government passed anti-Islamophobia legislation on October 26, 2016 that condemns hatred toward Islamic faith and its followers, the Jewish groups and media are telling Christian majority Canadians that Islamic Shari’ah will become the law of the country which crimanlizes women and gays.

The anti-Islamophobia legislation was so insignificant that all major newspapers and even government-owned the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) didn’t bother to report it (here).

In 2014, when former Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper declared in Israeli Knesset that criticism of state of Israel is anti-Semitic – he was hailed as a ‘statesman’ and ‘defender of religious tolerance’ by Netanyahu government, B’nai B’rith and other Canadian Jewish group and country’s press, 70% of which is owned by Zionists.

Last year, when Justin Trudeau government classified BDS movement as a ‘hateful organization’ – it’s declared a ‘defender of western values’.

In Canada, the criticism of the Jewish colonial project in Palestine and Holocaust is considered a hate crime by successive Canadian governments while slandering Muslims and Islam is considered freedom of speech.

Ezra Levant’s (Muslim hating Zionist Jew) Maclean’s magazine, and Jewish lobby’s mouthpiece National Post hardly let a day go by without bashing Muslims and Islam under freedom of speech crap.

Anti-Islam Propaganda by Zionist Jews and Christians have totally brainwashed ordinary Canadians. The recent example of shooting at a Quebec mosque which killed six worshippers and injured over dozen others. The killer, Alexandre Bissonnette, a French Canadian student admitted that he admired French Islamophobe politician Marine Le Pen, US president Donald Trump, and Israel army.

Tabloid right-wing outlets like Infowars, Rebel Media and Breitbart form the nucleus of this insurgent kosher conservative network. From their online soapboxes, they all push American exceptionalism, counter-jihad and pro-Israel narratives, whilst concurrently stigmatizing critics of Jewish power and Israel as “neo-Nazis” or “cucks” for Islam and Muslims (here).

On January 25, 2017, Canadian writer, blogger and author, Arthur Topham, posted an article, entitled, Freedom to Offend Everyone But The Jews which is worth reading.

Fake News sites come in all sizes, shapes and flavours during these heady days of Alternative vs Zionist media wars. And one of Canada’s top deceptive “Fake News” sites has to be ‘The Rebel Media’ run by “Rebel Commander” Ezra Levant, Zionist Jew and self-chosen saviour of Canada’s dumbed down goyim ‘christians’, assorted atheists, Germanophobes and most recently Islamophobes,” wrote Topham.


One response to “Canada’s anti-Islamophobia law terrifies Jewish Lobby

  1. Jews like Netanyahu and his ilk should be put in jail.

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