Anish Kapoor wins ‘Jewish Nobel’

Mumbai-born British sculptor Sir Anish Kapoor (no relation to Bollywood’s famous Kapoor family) has won 2017 Genesis Prize, also known as Jewish Nobel.

The so-called Genesis Prize named after Jewish Book of Genesis, was established in 2012 in Israel as a PR front. It gives US$1 million in prize to Jews who outsmarted Western Christian world in terrorism, Holocaust propaganda, entertainment, and spreading Jewish values in the Christian West.

Anish Kapoor joins such illustrious Jews such as former New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, a 9/11 Mafia Kingpin (2014), Israeli-born US violinist Itzhak Perlman (2016), who received the award from the serial liar Benjamin Netanyahu, and Hollywood actor-director Michael Douglas (2015), who is currently fighting delegitimization of Israel at US Campuses.

Anish Kapoor, 62, who came to Britain to study art in the 1970s – claims that his father was an Indian Hindu and his mother was an Arab Jew from Iraq. They met at a synagogue in Pune (India) where his father was a caretaker. Thus, according to Jewish kabbalah (Sharia), Anish Kapoor is Jewish. His brother Ilan Kapoor is an associate professor at Toronto’s York University. He has been declared antisemite by B’nai B’rith Canada for supporting Palestinians.

Kapoor divorced his German-born art-historian wife Susanne Spicale in 2013. Presently, he is dating his private secretary Sophie Walker – 32 years younger than him.

Kapoor’s work decorates Israel Museum in occupied Jerusalem, Holocaust memorial in London, and the 70 candles for Holocaust Memorial Day in Britain in 2015. His work have been exhibited in Israel, China, US, France, Ukraine and Russia.

Ironically, some of his anti-Christian art didn’t amuse westerners. For example, in September 2015, Anish Kapoor’s sexually-suggestive art nicknamed Queen’s vagina was vandalized at the Versailles palace (France) with hateful anti-Jewish graffiti. French Jewish president Francois Hollande visited queen’s vagina and condemned the antisemitic graffiti sprayed with white paint reading: At Versailles Christ is King. It’s the second rape of the nation by deviant Jewish activism (see below).

Luckily, Muslims were not blamed for the graffiti – as they’re blamed for the state-sponsored false flag operations in Paris (here, here).

Image result for anish kapoor's queen's vagina

In 2008, Anish Kapoor’s octagon and square dish titled Islamic Mirror was installed at the Sharq Al-Andalus Hall Museum of the Monasterio de Santa Clara in Murcia.


One response to “Anish Kapoor wins ‘Jewish Nobel’

  1. The ugly, meaningless funnel, devoid of any aesthetic appeal, which he very Jewishly titled with the intent to insult and shock is also inscribed by the anonymous hand:
    Concise and accurate.
    Funny that his father was LITERALLY a Shabbath Goy. Fitting. His son took a step farther.

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