Pakistan observes ‘Kashmir Day’

flag_of_Pakistan[1]People in Pakistan and the liberated part of Kashmir Valley (Azad Kashmir) observed Kashmir Day on February 5 to show their solidarity with the Muslim majority (85%) Indian Occupied Kashmir in their struggle for self- determination every year since 2004.

160 million Pakistanis observed one minute silence to show their support for the Kashmiri freedom-fighters.

Addressing the parliament of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan’s prime minister Nawaz Sharif said: “I brought this up with the Indian leadership and would like to reiterate that the solution to our problems lies in dialogue. Unless we sit together and talk about these issues, they won’t be resolved. Difference of opinion between two countries is not unheard of. What is unusual is that for 6-7 decades, we have not been able to get rid of these differences.”

February 5 is a national holiday in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.

Last year, Hindu professor Nivedita Menon (Jawaharlal Nehru University) speaking at a student event organized by Democratic Student Federation at JNU said: “Everyone knows India is illegally occupying Kashmir. Everybody accepts it (here).

On February 3, 2017, professor Menon was accused of being ‘anti-national’ by Hindutva parties and ABVP for saying in her address at a seminar on February 2, 2017 that “as young students, you should read for yourself and find out the history of how Kashmir and the states of the North East were brought into India, and ask yourself why these places have to be retained in India through the massive presence of armed forces.”

Hindu community in Pakistan makes 2% of country’s total population. Since Pakistan’s establishment on September 14, 1947 – not a single Hindu temple has been destroyed in Pakistan as compared to over 3,000 mosques destroyed in the so-called secular India. Pakistani Hindus are enjoying equal rights and playing significant role in the country’s development (here).

In 2015, a Hindu girl Geeta was returned to India on Indian primed minister Modi’s request after taken care by a Pakistani Muslim family for 12 years. She was abandoned at age 5 by her parents visiting Pakistan because she was deaf and dumb (here).

Pakistani film producer Irfan Malik released the first Pakistani movie on Kashmiri struggle (watch below) on Kashmir Day.



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