Jordan Burroughs: I love Iran

Iran-Flag-128[1]On Friday, Islamic Republic of Iran banned US wrestlers from participating in the Freestyle World Cup being held in the western city of Kermanshah on February 16-17, 2017 in response to Donald Trump’s ban on Iranian and Muslims from six other countries to enter United States.

American world and Olympian champion Jordan Burroughs, 28, says that the Iranian people are huge fans of him and he is disappointed that he cannot travel to Iran to compete at the Freestyle World Cup (watch workout video below).

There is such a common respect for wrestlers in Iran. They love wrestling. They’re huge fans of mine. I’m bummed about that. I really wanted to be part of something great in what I consider a great country. Obviously, my views and our country’s views are different. I love Iran. I love their people, and I don’t get into politics. I wasn’t going to make a political stance. I was going to compete, ” said Burroughs.

The US Wrestling Federation has sent its teams to compete in Iran 15 times since 1998. Burroughs was part of the US team which participated in 2013 Freestyle World Cup event in Tehran.

Wrestling is Iran’s national sport. Iran earned a combined 11 wrestling medals at the last two Olympics, its most of any sport, despite entering zero women’s wrestlers.

Donald Trump administration’s policy toward Iran during its first two weeks have proved Iran’s president Dr. Hassan Rouhani’s October 2016 statement that both Hillary and Trump are Evils as far as Muslims are concerned.

After Donald Trump’s victory, Iran’s Spiritual Leader, Ayatullah Ali Khamenei said that Trump presidency wouldn’t affect US-Iran relations.

How dogs and bitches defend Trump’s ban on Muslims? Well it’s no different than the Six Million Died claim. For example, Trump’s senior adviser Kellyanne Fitzpatrick Conway told Chris Matthews’ Hardball on MSNBC Thursday that Barack Obama stopped refugees from Iraq entering the US for 6 months in response to two Iraqi terrorists who struck in Bowling Green, Ohio. Next day, she admitted that she made-up the claim to demonize Iraqi refugees. Barack Obama didn’t ban refugees from Iraq.

In September 2013, Richard Schmidt (Jewish) was arrested for planning to carry terrorist attacks on Blacks and Muslims. Police found a stockpile of 18 firearms and 40,000 rounds of ammunition in his possession. Investigation revealed the dude was sympathetic toward two anti-Muslim and pro-Israel White Supremacist groups.

On January 5, 2017, American academic, author and radio talk-show host Kevin Barrett, PhD described the difference between the US and Iranian ruling elites.

Unlike Iran, which has forbidden the use of WMDs from a religious stance, the US lacks religious elements that would prevent proliferation and use of nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, here in the United States, we don’t have that Godly element in our government. So essentially, we’re run by psychopaths without any of that kind of wisdom that would say we have got to stop building these things before they get used. The nuclear industry is also depended on the very worst and craziest strategists to keep itself in business to keep building these horrific weapons – and unfortunately, Donald Trump is currently surrounded by these Zioconsrvatives and organized crime,” he said.


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