Did Assad say NO to Rep. Gabbard on Iran?

AhmadinejadAssadSayyedNasrallah[2]Since the Democrat Hindu Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard announced on CNN that during her ‘secret trip’ to Syria in the middle of last month, she managed to meet Syrian president Bashar al-Assad – she has been condemned by her pro-Israel patrons.

On January 16, Lebanon’s pro-Assad Al-Manar TV reported Gabbard’s ‘fact finding trip’ to Syria where she met several political and religious leaders – but didn’t mention her meeting president Bashar al-Assad. Gabbard’s foreign affairs secretary Latimer had refused to confirm any such meeting on Gabbard’s return after her 4-day trip to Syria.

Anyway, taking the liberty to agree with her claim of meeting Assad – as a blind supporter of the Zionist entity – her agenda could not been any different than two previous US lawmakers who went to Damascus to meet the Syrian president in daylight – Nancy Pelosi (Jewish), then House Speaker in 2007, and Sen. John Kerry (Jewish) led a diplomatic delegation in 2009. These two Israel-Firsters offered Assad the bargain: “the US is willing to lift all trade and military sanctions against Syria – if Assad dump Iran and recognize Israel.”

In 2010, former US envoy Frederick Hof (Jewish) met president Assad and made an offer to Assad on behalf of Netanyahu and his defense minister Ehud Barak . The offer was that Israel would return the Golan Height to Syria if Assad severe its ties with Iran. According to Hof, the deal fell-apart as Bashar refused to severe his friendly ties with the Islamic Republic.

Israel-First Dr. Michael Ledeen founded the Foundation for Defense of Democracies think tank on September 13, 2001 to cover-up Israel’s part in 9/11. He co-authored Gen. Michael Flynn’s biography. Flynn is now Trump’s national security adviser. He said: “It’s important to find out what are the limits of Russia’s willingness to cooperate with us with regard to Iran. Those conversations have to take place.”

Ledeen’s wife Barbara Ledeen took an active part along with her fellow Zionist Jews in Save Darfur scam against Muslim majority African country Sudan.

In Syria, the two (Iran-Russia) allies have loudly proclaimed they are waging war against ISIS, but in reality the great bulk of their efforts are aimed at the opponents of the Assad regime,” claimed Gen. Flynn.

It’s interesting to note while Israel and its lobbyists in the West want a ‘Middle East without Iran‘ – the founder of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini, coined the ‘Middle East without Israel’ doctrine. Current Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei also follows the same doctrine.

Syria is the ‘redline’ for Iran and Hizbullah since it’s Iran’s only route to arm other Islamic resistance group fighting the Zionist regime in Lebanon and Gaza Strip.

Khamenei, president Rouhani, and former presidents Ahmadinejad and late Rafsanjani – and Iranian lawmakers have said that they’re committed to liberate Syria of the foreign supported rebels.

Some Russian leaders want to resolve the Syrian problem as soon as possible because it’s draining Russian economy. Syria has always been Russian ally since Ba’athist took power in 1970. Russia has an air-force base in Syria – the only one in the region. Tehran has been lobbying Damascus for a military base for years to protect Shi’ite majorities in both in Iraq and Lebanon.

Russia needs close relations with anti-US Iran to benefit from its $410 billion annual economy.


One response to “Did Assad say NO to Rep. Gabbard on Iran?

  1. So Assad remains uncrackable to pressure to betray Iran & Hezbollah

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