Emperor Netanyahu to meet Governor Trump

anti-netanyahu[1]Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sees himself as the savior of the Jews and the American Jewish community as within his jurisdiction, rather than as citizens loyal to their country and president,” Ben Caspit, columnist for Jewish Al-Monitor, August 11, 2015.

Benjamin Netanyahu, as the mad emperor of Isramerica and other subject nations, does not handle disobedience well. Emperors seldom do,” Greg Felton, Canadian journalist and author.

Emperor Netanyahu has announced that he would meet Donald Trump, the new Governor of Israel’s US colony on February 15, 2017. The main agenda on the table would be Netanyahu’s Iranophobia.

On January 31, Netanyahu cried wolf over Iran’s recent missile testing. He said that he would raise this new danger to Israel with Donald Trump during his coming meeting – and would demand new sanctions against Iran.

Netanyahu tweeted that “Stopping the Iranian threat, and the threat reflected in the bad nuclear agreement with Iran, continues to be a supreme goal of Israel.”

Interestingly, Donald Trump has not invited Russian president Vladimir Putin whom he praised so much during his presidential campaign – and whom the Jewish Lobby is still blaming of covertly helping trump to win.

Despite Hillary Clinton’s great slavish record, Netanyahu preferred Donald Trump as the next Governor of American colony and for some good reasons.

The world has spoken in unison that it will no longer tacitly accept Israeli cruelty and criminality in the name of Zionist determinism. Trump can either accept reality and join the civilized world in asserting an honorable, non-Zionist Middle East policy, or he can continue to isolate the US by acting as Israel’s bitch. Reagan was an inept president who managed to rise above his limitations on one crucial issue. Let’s hope Trump can overcome his prejudices to recognize Israel as an existential threat to the US,” Greg Felton said (here).

On January 30, 2017, American writer, journalist, author, and critic of the Organized Jewry John Kaminski wrote an Epitah for America which says a lot what Netanyahu and American Israel Firsters have in store for the United States.

Jews have turned America into a trash heap of broken families, poison food and bad medicine. If you ever took the trouble to contemplate the true significance of 9/11 in which the highest levels of the US government were complicit in the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City, you would realize that this jarring epiphany opens a window onto the entire history of the American republic and you would realize the whole system was long ago converted into an endless money machine for the Jewish bankers, who engineer wars as their primary moneymaking technique, says Kaminski.


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  1. Quite! And thanks for the link to Greg Felton.

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