Poland: A country with almost no Jews!

hetalia-poland2No, Polish government has not expelled country’s 25,000 Jews as it did in 1484. How could it when Holocaust Vatican at Auschwitz is in Warsaw?

I’m referring to a claim made by Don Snyder at the Jewish Daily Forward on January 24, 2017.

Antisemitism is on the rise in Poland, a country with almost no Jews,” said Snyder.

But a few paragraphs down – he says: “Poland’s organized Jewish community of 10,000 is only 0.1 percent of the Polish population of 38.2 million. More than 80 percent of Poles say they have never met a Jew. Yet, according to a study’s findings, Poles are increasingly unwilling to accept Jews as co-workers, neighbors, or a member of their family.”

Before WWI, less than 30,000 Jews lived in Ottoman Palestine with a total population of 600,000 (94% Muslims) – but that didn’t stop Theodor Herzl to put Jewish claim on Palestine as promised homeland for 13 million Jews around the world.

It didn’t take Snyder long to spit his hatred of Muslims. He claimed that Islamophobia rise among the Poles is fueling antisemitism in the country.

The more people are anti-Muslim, the more they’re antisemitic. They portray George Soros as the embodiment of the Jewish conspiracy that’s helping to finance the influx of Muslims that poses a threat to Christian civilization in Europe,” says Michal Bilewicz, the Center’s director.

Hungarian Jewish oligarch George Soro is famous for color revolutions around the world, especially in anti-Israel Muslim countries. But Poles have their own Jewish oligarchs such as Jan Kulczyk, Zygmunt Solorz-Zak, Michal Solowow, and Leszek Czarnecki to hate.

Warsaw under pressure from Israel has refused to accept even a single Syrian refugee – Muslim or Christian – claiming they would pose a threat to the nation. Poles, like the Zionist Jews are very ungrateful people. They’ve not forgotten their wars with Ottoman Turks but don’t appreciate how Ottomans gave refuge to Polish resistance militia and its supporters. Some of these Poles converted to Islam and became Pashas holding highest military ranks in Ottoman military such as Gen. Józef Zachariasz Bem Pasha and Gen. Antoni Aleksander Iliński, also known as Iskender Pasha. Polish Christians have a Little Poland inside Istanbul.

The said study was conducted by the Jewish Center for Research on Prejudice at the University of Warsaw. Incidentally, a marble plaque of Joseph Rotblat (d. 2005) is displayed at the university. Rotblat, a Polish Jew nuclear scientist at the Manhattan Project and is credited for inventing the nukes dropped on Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WWII.

Two Polish Jew terrorists, Menachem Begin and Shimon Peres, became prime minister and president of the Zionist entity.

Poland attracts Jewish and non-Jewish tourists to study Jewish ethnic-cleansing by both Nazis and Polish Catholics from around the world. It’s mandatory for FBI’s cadets to visit Auschwitz museum. However, young Israeli tourists are considered a nuisance by Polish people.

Poland is home to 35,000 Muslims (less than 0.1% of country’s total population). However, a recent survey found that Poles believe 7% of their country is Muslim.


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  1. Well we know how smart those Poles are…

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