Chutzpah: Trump may sell Israel to Putin over Syria

When it comes to propaganda – Zionists even shame top Nazi propagandist Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels (Goebbels’ wife Magda was born to a Jewish father and a Catholic mother).

Some reader may remember the old fox Michele Flournoy who was supported by AIPAC against Chuck Hagel as Barack Obama’s secretary of defense in 2013. She was also rumored to be Hillary Clinton’s choice to head the Pentagon. Earlier this month, she told a group  of paranoid Zionists attending Israel Security Conference in Herzliya that she was worried US president Donald Trump might not consider Israel’s interests in dealing with Russian president Vladimir Putin on Syria.

Responding to Philip H. Gordon’s, former senior adviser to Barack Obama, concern that Donald Trump may align with Putin on Syria without getting anything for Israel in constraining Iranian influence in the Middle East – Flournoy said: “Yeah. And this is where I think you have to worry for Israel and Israel’s interests, which is that you could end up with a situation in Syria, where he says OK, we’re going to get some kind of ceasefire and peace deal in exchange for some kind of general commitment of Russia to fight ISIS, which they’ve never really done, and Israel’s interests aren’t even considered in the process. That’s my worry.”

Michèle Angelique Flournoy, 56, is co-founder and CEO of the Center for a New American Security (CNAS). The Washington-based Israel advocacy group established in 2007 has some fanatic Zionist Jews as members of its board of directors such as Madeliene Albright, Richard L. Armitage, Richard Pearle, Nicholas Burns, Richard J. Danzig, Peter Schwartz, etc.

Flournoy was born into a Christian family – but is married to Zionist Jew W. Scott Gould, Obama’s deputy secretary of the department of veterans affairs (VA).

Last year, Sen. Ted Cruz, the Defender of Israel, said that Donald Trump would be the best US president ever happened to Israel.

David P. Goldman, a Zionist propagandist filth at the PJ Media said on November 14, 2016: “Trump is the best thing that has happened to Israel in years.”

Both Trump and Putin not only love the Zionist entity – their families are routed in Jewish clan. Both the US and USSR are the Godfathers of the Zionist entity since 1948.


2 responses to “Chutzpah: Trump may sell Israel to Putin over Syria

  1. Say what you will about Goldman but you can’t find fault with his statement in the penultimate paragraph. It’s pathetic to see so many people taken in completely by his promise to “drain the swamp.” He is part of the swamp’s fauna himself.

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